Monday, 16 April 2012

Cumbersome. Change for the sake of change!

Time Warner Cable suddenly advises that we must register with an entirely new package of name, emails, passwords, and so forth and that we must do it in this manner and before such and such a date.  While attempting to do as instructed, because the Gringo Viejo is a compliant man, we are notified at each juncture, at every fill-in box,  that our old email not only does not exist, and never existed, but it is also invalid.    The same goes for the password, the same goes for our zip code, address, and every question queried.
    So, we chat up a helper, but he can neither read, write, or understand the English language.   Literally.   Either that or he is on dope, drunk, mentally defective, or playing some kind of game (nobody could be that stupid).
    So we call the 800 number, and receive adequate service, although the first girl sounds like she is reading from a textbook of her first English course.    She was not Indian, Pakistani, or Arab.   She was Mexican, and doing a creditable job of speaking English, but she could not plug in the context of the problem into the reflex of the answer.   She needed to sit in on conversations for a couple of months.   She was not bad, or neglectful, or incompetent like the first....dolt.   She seemed very bright and very civilised, but just not tested under fire.   She might have been talking from a call centre in Guadalajara.    When I began responding in Spanish, she became very flustered and tried to "really, really try" to solve my problem, but her voice was breaking from nerves by that point and she pawned me off to a different division after consulting with her supervisor.
Larry, The Cable Guy
     Finally, Norton the Nerd came on and quickly referred me to the department that can actually control resetting passwords and security questions, etc.   That wound me up with Larry, the Cable Guy and he took care of everything.

     But!   Why did Time Warner have to change anything?  Why does and/or Google have to "improve" formats or design modules or anything?   Why?  Porquoi?  Porque?   Aaaaarrrrgggghh!

 In any regard:

Thanks to Norton, Larry, and the Mexican girl for trying and/or succeeding to put the train back on the tracks for El Gringo Viejo, thanks for honest and informed effort.    The first guy, though,  Mr. Vick the Chat Room Guy, really needs to look into a job as a hermit....somewhere a long, long ways from El Gringo Viejo.
Leaving for a bit.   All is well.  Much rain both here and down at our place in the Sierra Madre.   More tomorrow!
El Gringo Viejo