Monday, 23 April 2012

El Gringo Viejo has been in a WalMart, perhaps, 30 times in his life.   It seems to be the primary outlet for Peking's junque that cannot be unloaded into Indonesia.   The environs are depressing and the going and coming is wrought with all the same problems, at least down here, of drippy people who are dedicated to the leaving of grocery carts in the parking lot, with or without recently changed pampers.
     There are more and more people  who have learned, apparently that pampers really can last for one week without being changed.   They all seem to wind up at WalMart or the grocery stores or the public parks or anywhere El Gringo Viejo happens to be walking in low-light situations.    We try not to get out much anymore.

     HOWEVER, lest all be dismayed, the WalMart issue will be flogged, a la Miss Flukie and the women who were so offended by Herman Cain, and the Guatemalan illegal alien who wept over her horrible treatment by Meg Whitman, for as long as the story will stay on the front page, then on the second page, and then on the first page, second B.     Then it will make the rounds in the editorial sections of newspapers nobody reads any longer.

      The same crowd, those with IQs under 90 and those disposed to be Bolshevik or National Socialists, will howl to the heavens (which do not exist), about exploitation and corruption.  The left can strike a blow for liberte', fraternite', egalite' once again....dragging out the guillotines and the gut-wagons to lug the rich and titled to the chopping bloque.   Whack!!  Hurrah, vive la revolution!   Go Frida Go!
      But before they walk into the door like Miss Flukie, Pelosi, et. al. allow us to state that little will come from this "scandal".   Please remember that the Left hates certain things.   One is a Mexican Republic under a common law schema, under the governance of a conservative and especially non-marxist regime.   The next thing is anything that causes the lower-middle class to form up and stabilize and thus become less beholden to labour bosses and politicians who want to "help" them.    Wal Mart is one of those institutions.   They have faced the same union bilge and "discrimination" against women, corruption of local officials charges from their first arrival in Mexico. The two things are related, in this case.
     Understand that WalMart went into Mexico under the umbrella of the Grupo Cifra and the Grupo Aurrera, a mega-important Mexican-Spanish retail and restaurant consortium.   This was back in the 1990s.  WalMart de Mexico, SA went the route of having a "white union" instead of the old mossback, totally corrupt official union...the Confederacion de Trabajadores Mexicanos.   For so long as the PRI was running every detail of business and labour law in Mexico, business and labour pretty much had to do the wishes of the "officials" and "important people".     Americans have been taught by people who do not know anything that the "rich people" in Mexico run everything.   For those of us who hang around in Mexico too much, we know this a wry joke, because we have seen the hundreds of times that some lower level slob labour-leaderof a local affiliate of the CTM could whip up a group of employees at some factory or business and close the business down....sometimes permanently.
   With the Free Trade Agreement and other liberalisations of the labour law, the requirement that businesses with a certain number of employees assure that those employees are members of  (the)(a) labour union, it also became possible to form and operate "non-official" unions....totally unaffiliated, independent, and unconcerned about being a force for PRI party "voter mobilisation".
     WalMart is presently the largest employer in the private sector in Mexico, especially when one includes the SAMs operation.   Since entering into partnership with the Cifra organisation (the father of Aurrera Group), WalMart has caused price decreases throughout the "food chain".  The public is wildly supportive of WalMart, and even the hootsy-tootsy people who look like actors and actresses from the telenovelas and the rich folks are seen in WalMart, without bags over their heads.   It is telling that the community of Teotihuacan, which is adjacent to the archaeological zone of the same name, was going to have a WalMart.  Various Indian Rights groups from all over the New World came to protest.   Televisa and all the PRI and PRD mossbacks trundled out to moan and whine and talk about "sacred ground".
Then the people who live in Teotihuacan held protests which were explained by CNN to be "protests" against WalMart's plans.   Oddly, in one televised broadcast, the stupid reporter was speaking very authoritatively  about how the "people" had mobilised against this horrid incursion unto 'sacred ground of the native Americans"...when in the background were hundreds of people holding pennants and home-made signs with the epithet "PRO-WALMART".    Apparently the stupid, ignorant, or intentionally mendacious reporter figured that the gringos watching the "news" article would be too stupid to figure out the signs.
     WALMart built the store anyway, just a little closer to the village.

     With all this said, and with a female conservative party candidate making a reasonable bid for the Presidency, the left has pulled out all stops....operating with its American brethren, to assault WalMart with any combination of criticism, outright lies, physical intimidation, and negative propaganda, disseminated via a willing pro-socialist press, which, as we know, is abundant both in the United States and Mexico.   Nothing is lost on the fact that Carlos Slim, the world's richest man, is also a claptrap for the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (the old official government party) and the owner of the New York Times, the water-bucket carrier for the "corruption story" now flooding into the American sensibility zone.    This assault by members of the Zuno family from Guadalajara...(in-laws of the disgusting pro-communist, totally corrupt, madman Luis Echeverria Alvarez, President from 1970 - 1976), and other old, immensely wealthy limosine liberal lefties of the PRI have always hated WalMart....because WalMart, like the Maquiladoras left these mastodons in a real lurch.   Like they frequently say..." It's just terrible what all this industry and commerce has done to things.   You just can't get a girl to work in the house any more, and if you find one, she want 100 pesos a day and the holiday and benefit package.   It's just terrible."We used to be able to get one for 30 pesos a day and a meal.   Just terrible".
     In other words, this is a Miss Flukie sham.   Again.   The "corruption" is that the Aurrera format is to pay the Notario Publico (a super-attorney in Mexico, who has the authority to draft agreements concerning real estate and permanent structure title establishment and transfer).   The Notario Publico might or might not determine if "lubrication" might be worthwhile to effectuate the timeliness of real estate transfer, the permitting process for construction, the engineering report acceptance, and other preliminary details.   WalMart will figure out how to apologise for any errors....which are actually none....and how to express contrition to the press and the Bolshies who hate WalMart, and this will have been something akin to running over a possum in a rainstorm within six months.
     It is strange the Boshies and other pinkies hate WalMart so.   Without WalMart, Mao's "Revolution" would have ground to a halt 20 years ago.

A time-line, so that the OROGs will know WalMart's history in Mexico.

          . 1957   the Arango brothers, Jerónimo, Placido and Manuel, founded the stores Aurrera
                        thinking in a supermarket model, with household items and clothing at cheaper
                        prices.    Aurrera in Basque means "Let's go!"...or an emphatic  "Come On!"
  • 1958: Opens the first store Aurrera, with the branche Bolívar.
  • 1960: Begins to operate stores Superama 1960.
  • 1964: Starts operations Vips Restaurants 1964.
  • 1970: Begins Suburbia and Bodega Aurrerá operations.
  • 1976: Inaugurate First Distribution Center in Mexico (in Spanish, CEDIS).
  • 1978: Opening of restaurants El Portón (The Gate).
  • 1986: Makes the organization Grupo Cifra, for the administration of stores and restaurants in Mexico.
  • 1990: Aurrerá starts the barcode system in Mexico.
  • 1991: Wal-Mart and Cifra makes a joint venture. Creation of the International Division of Wal-Mart Stores and signed a partnership agreement with Cifra. Born the first Sam's Club in Mexico.
  • 1993: Began operations Wal-Mart Supercenter. The supermarkets Aurrerá changes style and design in Walmart stores.
  • 1994: They're joined Suburbia and Vips inner the association Cifra/Wal-Mart Distribuidora, S.A. de C.V.
  • 1997: Wal-Mart buys most of the shares and acquiring control of the company.
  • 2000: Grupo Cifra renames figure at Wal-Mart de Mexico.
  • 2001: Aurrera stores become Walmart Supercenters and Warehouse Aurrera.
  • 2005: Walmart Mexico makes the stores Mi Bodega Aurrera currently has over 50 units in various parts of the Republic. It's a variant of Bodega Aurrera, with less area and products.
  • 2007: Bodega Aurrera has about 300 units driving prices lower for much of the Mexican Republic.

Just a bit of explanation.   Thank you all for your time and interest.
El Gringo Viejo