Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Makes the poor Gringo Viejo crazy!

(1)    There are stories, circulated by McKlatchy News Service concerning the desertions in the Mexican military.
      This news service cites various un-named sources who moan about how crummy the service is and how low the pay is and how they don't want to make war on fellow citizens just to defend the rich. The news service cites the number of "nearly 50,000" soldiers and airmen who have deserted.
The Truth:
        Mexico has a form of national military service. Young men of a certain age are require to report once a month for rank and file formations, drill, weapons familiarity and marksmanship, military law and protocol, and so forth. This is done for one year. Some are chosen and asked to join the "regular Army", and many of those do, perhaps one-tenth or fewer.    They are the ones who have an inner military bent.
       Many who are momma's boys, poofies, communists, dumboes with no sense of obligation to the country, and some who are just shiftless and lazy, drift in and out of this obligation for part of the year, and just kind of evaporate along the way.    They are enrolled as members of the reserve training program, but their brief records indicate that they did not complete. They are noted as "desertadores". BUT! In Mexican military Spanish, this has the equivalent of the American military English of Absent Without Leave (AWOL). It is rarely punished.   They do have problems later in life when their "tarjeta militar" cannot be presented or it is not stamped "Sirvio'".
      The fact is that the men under arms at this time are very dedicated. The pay is relatively good, the benefits are good, the arms and equipment are good, and their mission is honourable and legally founded. Previous postings have the numbers who are under detention and the numbers presently serving and the numbers of personnel in combat and close combat support who have served and/or are serving since 2006. The official and the probable statistics are close....better than "close enough for government work"....and they are very good in terms of the morale of the troops and sailors,  especially considering the difficulty of the mission.

   And so that folks will know, last Saturday there was a "pursuit" by the Army against four thugs in two vehicles. The Army followed the thugs and their stolen vehicles out on the Monterrey highway to the west of Reynosa. Both vehicles were recovered and two of the thugs were wounded, all four were captured. There was a brief news article on one of the television stations, the reporter interviewing a business woman near where the incident began, wherein she stated, "I had gotten used to the pursuits and the battles. It's been so long since we had a good one, but this one was nothing...just two little cars. I was hoping we would have some more altercations so that the Army would stay in force longer."

(2) Why Romney evokes yawns when passion is required:

       We rightwing crazies say, "But, we cannot compromise with those who want to buy votes with someone else's money. It's a racket...Social Security, Medicare, AFDC, WIC, Section 8, Food Stamps, COLLEGE LOANS, and the like....It's all a racket. We cannot compromise!"
Now, with the nomination more or less comfortably in hand, Mitt decides that he likes the slavery producing, communist halls of higher (sic) learning funding college loan program that Father O'bamaham wants.

        Earth, Gravity, Solar forces to Mitt Romney!!!
      Money!   Give money to college bound urchins. Urchins give money to communist professors and overpaid university workers. There is more money now because Romney and O'bamaham want to give urchins more  free money! Therefore, since there are fewer "students" with more money in hand, the COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO RAISE TUITIONS AND OTHER CHARGES because they are staffed and run by leftist slugs who like to do little and be paid much. More money, same amount of product? Prices and charges rise. DUH? DUH! DUH? So, we pay,  and the urchins pay in order to be indoctrinated and told that the system is taking advantage of them, by making them slaves to the bank. Can you imagine how the commie professors are laughing up their sleeves?
      My urchins borrowed a bit, but they both totally paid their way, working much of their way through, with good grades and incredible life experience en route. They were forged and tempered. They started excellent and came out even better. There is no need to facilitate university tuition. It is not meant to be easy.   Many, if not most, of those who are on campus would be better off somewhere else.   A master underwater welder makes $300/hour.   First class and deluxe hotels are paying six figures to Managing Chefs, for instance.
      And, if overly facilitated, a graduate winds up as cannon fodder arrogant, ignorant college-drips who feel entitled to something and feel bitter and neglected because there were not 500 employers offering 100,000 dollar/year jobs to people with degrees in "History of Lesbian Circus Performers' Literary Works".
          ''And your degree is in "African Myths and Legends as a major, let's see here, Women's studies as a minor, with emphasis on Eskimoe Serial Murderers as a Justifiable Homocide Sub-group.    And you want 20,000 dollars/month to start, and a chauffeured limousine to take you to and from your office? We'll get right to it!

Thanks for your kind attention, as usual.   Negotiaing with a communist always starts with the communist declaring, "What is mine is mine.   What is yours is negotiable".   One cannot reason or compromise with a communist, a nazi, a socialist of any kind.    The want to dress your children in grey linsey-woolsey, and feed them all bread and water twice a day while they carry dung to the dung heap for Chairman Mao.
El Gringo Viejo