Friday, 9 March 2012

Amanda Keeps "The Flukie"

OROGs should not dispair.   The Executive Committee has decided, in spite of everything, that Amanda can keep her "Flukie" award.    

    Amanda Clayton, due to the efforts of mean people who think that there ought to be something like an attempt to provide for oneself, is going to starve to death in the snow, along with her two children.   Since it is the my fault and your fault, El Gringo Viejo is trying to raise money to make up for her loss, since it our fault and the fault of George  Bush.
She has been booted off of the rolls of the slugs who expect other people to pay for their food, chips, candy bars, diet soda, twinkies, and bulk Gulf Shrimp.   We pray that she be spayed, sooner rather than later.
      We also beg the intervention of the Goddess Nemesis to further her misery and cause the finding of the paternal agent in this parasitic mess.  Once found, he should be arranged to sing in the soprano section of the choir, and then put into the (orange) uniformed public the ball and chain around his ankle every night after returning from litter duty on the expressways.   Perhaps we could further punish him by forcing him to have supper with Nancy Pelosi at her home in San Francisco every third Friday.   Her Holiness could give him pointers about the finer points of Roman Catholic dogma and canon.

      In this vein, the lottery where ever it might exist is a diabolical thing, custom made for the stupid, indolent, and addicted.   It is the best form of recovering welfare and income transfer payments so as to re-recycle the money into the digestive tracts of the indolent or to provide them shelter in hell-holes known as public housing and/or Section 8 and to pay for the delivery of baby-mothers' babies, and to pay for Obama's Unkie Onie's Thunderbird and malt liquor.

      There would be no need for any of this madness if the systems of public assistance would shut down over the next 10 years. Politicians, food markets, banks, and the "poor" could find a better way to feed the "poor" without producing hourly train loads of un-fathered criminals in the process.    Americans, privately, would allow no one to starve or even go hungry.   Private agencies can quickly differentiate between those who are hungry and those who just like to eat.

     Miss Flukie, aka-Amanda Clayton will be allowed to keep her Flukie Statue, because among her people it isn't whether you win or lose, it's how you game the game.

El Gringo Viejo