Wednesday, 8 February 2012


(1)   It is time for the Republicans to talk about nothing beyond the basic issues of governance.  The battle of the Nine Year Old Girls Saying "You are" "No, You are!" "No, You are!" tired everyone to death.   No depth....supposedly people who are able to see into the distant galaxies are unable to pass up playing the roles of pre-adolescent ninnies having a back seat quarrel.   "Mommy, tell him to stop!" "He did it first!" "Did Not!" "Did So!"  "Mommmeeeiieee". Spare me.
      If the Democrats had paid actors to play the roles, they could not have done it better with Clint Eastwood doing the directing.    As for the Gringo Viejo, he will do like the truckers, and pull over where he sees a large number of trucks parked outside so he can go in an have a comfortable break and a good chance at a decent meal.  
      It is well to consider that the primaries with no intense television advertising  was won by the nobody who speaks in lows tones.  About time.
 (2)     Please be aware, all OROGs, and please think about this.  Various leftist governments are performing a bit of magic right now in order to keep cake flowing to the slugs and thugs who compose various public employee unions.   Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Greece, Portugal, and others are either finishing the act or beginning to move quickly to implement the act.   What is it? 
     Those private bank accounts and all other privately held pension, annuity, 401-type retirement funds are now in the crosshairs of the marxists who presently amble freely in the halls of the Secretariats of the United States government.   Plans are being studied now in the White House that will be implemented after the election, perhaps by executive order, that will freeze and then subject to confiscation all such monies presently held in the above-described accounts.
Two peas in a pod.   Kirchner
and Obama yuck it up about how
stupid the little people are.
       While the OROG knows that El Gringo Viejo is also totalmente loco,  El Gringo Viejo y Loco must caution the OROG community that not only is it being planned, but it has already been successfully tested.    In Argentina, the communist bar-maid Kirchner (pictured above-left with one of her closest admirers) has completed the confiscation of many private pension funds, leaving Argentina in a dither of fury.   The reason for her new-found bellicosity concerning the Falklands Issue is her desire to distract the ire of the populace away from her grab of sacrosanct, private assets.   She decided to go after that money because it belongs to the rich and the rich needed to pay their fair share, besides they have too much money anyway....sound familiar?     She then digs up the Falklands Issue although, in days closer to her time as a communist guerrilla "moral support agent" with the Communist guerrilla group Montoneros, she opposed the last Great War of Liberation of the Malvinas, because it was simply a dodge put up by the Generals to distract people from their own fascist brutality.   She recently used a throat cancer operation to gain back some of her Fantasyland celebrity lustre ....soap operatics....until it became clear that she would not be able to play the Evita card...and the doctors willingly confessed that the thyroid growth had never been suspected to be cancerous.   So they might have to dig up poor Evita and conduct a traffic snarling march through the streets with that rusty casket.

     "But, Gringo Viejo, those are funny, stupid little brown people who do stupid things all the time and never amount to anything because they are dark skinned and bad."

      OROGS!   Please heed my words.   In 1950, Cuba was the 4th ranking American Nation in terms of per capita income.   The order was USA, Canada, Argentina, and then Cuba.   Now Argentina is continuing its slide into the middle of a fairly miserable pack.  Now it is USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Panama'.....etc.    The last two countries in terms of per capital income are Cuba and Haiti.  Argentina may be the ante-penultimate above Cuba soon.    Having a perfect workers' paradise involves a little bit of sacrifice on the part of the people who don't matter.
      But, in a way,  Obama beat Kirchner to the punch.   Please remember that it was Obama who ordered the total cancellation of the preferred stock of  the General Motors and Chrysler companies.  It was a massive amount of wealth simply flushed down the toilet.   The oddity is that the majority of that money was held by elderly ladies and others with mutual fund type investments.   Those individuals had money harboured in such preferred stock because those stocks receive dividends PREFERENTIALLY before any other stocks or holdings.   They are dull and boring stocks that pay a fairly good dividend, and because of that great security the offer they are referred to in the industry as "Widows' and Orphans' stocks.   They were flushed.   No reclamation, no compensation, no "gee, I'm so sorry"....just flushed.
     When Obama pulled that off and he was not impeached and convicted immediately, nor even overturned by the Supreme Court, he knew he could force socialised medicine down the throats of a populace that would believe they could have something for free.
     With the deficits piling up....and even the remotest chance that this pretender could possibly be re-elected and rule by "the stroke of a pen, law of the land" is inevitable that he will opt to employ this has already been has already been put into effect in countries during these days.   Brazil has done a bit of it, Venezuela has been doing it on a piecemeal basis.   The stupid little dark people way down there are not stupid.    They are not even brown nor little.   The leftists among them are stalking vampire demons who hate privately held wealth or private money of any kind.   They demand total dependence upon and total obeisance to the elite, superior class, which of course is them.

(3)    The Roman Catholic hierarchy in the United States will learn....perhaps when all the clergy and important communicants are in the gulag making license plates for United Socialist States of Whatever.    The Catholic hierarchy fails itself and its communicants by promoting the notion that they can tell people to remember to take advantage of the food stamp program and this program and that program, and still preach a Christian message.  What they have produced is a large body of pamper throwing, food stamping, lottery ticket "investing" slugs.   Those parishioners will abandon ....or have abandoned... the Church for a bag of Doritos and a 48 ounce Mountain Dew, and perhaps a couple of scratch-offs.
      The Church will be kicked in the teeth, as the Church is kicked in the teeth in all marxist countries until it complies with the wishes of the State.   If it persists in allowing any dogma that is not Liberation Theology, materialist based....(right now it is 85% marxist, liberation theology)....the Secretary of Health and Human Services in the next administration will close down the Catholic Hospitals and the Seventh Day Adventist Hospitals, and any medical service facility that does not promote abortion and forced contraception.....and whatever new "medical practise alternatives" will be necessary under the socialised medical regimen to be fully put in place in the next two years.