Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Quick, Cap & Trade

                                                                    Extreme Winter Weather Hits Europe
These images always seem to be shielded from the tender eyes of the American audience.  After all, since the United States was three times hotter this past year than the year before, many more minority children and elderly and minorities and handicapped and people who have different levels of intellectual understanding and everything, you know.   After all the Occupy Wall Street people are the only ones doing anything about any of the problems left behind by George Bush and all the military and everything, you know.  That's why I can't find any work at a living wage.   Free America From Zionism Now.  Free Palestine, Now.   Solidarity With the Pastors for Peace and Union with Fidel.    Unemployed Liberal-Arts Graduates and Unemployment Compensation Recipients - Local 2294 - AFL-CIO -   Union Pruod! You kmow?
Al Gore hair
"Good weed, man.  Like wher'd you score it dude?   Gotta light, dude?   Have you seen that girl I had in the tent a minute ago man?   Bad hag, dude...bummer.    Nah...not a dime, man, but I jacked some stamps off an old black woman in the store.   Where do we knock out the windows tomorrow? Who's that ugly dude with the mouth problems?"

 I'm Sgt. Davis, NYPD,  There is some question about the identity of the person we apprehended here in Fort Lee Park.  He appears to have a mouthful of Marbles or a severely impacted tooth infection.    He does not seem coherent, because we cannot make any sense out of anything he says except the word, "masseuse".   He doesn't appear to know his name, in fact, he doesn't appear to know anything.
Okay, thanks.  But if anything comes to mind, call the number on this card, anytime.