Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Time Magazine Hits another Touchdown

Yes, our friends at Time show that as they adapt to the world's realities, they continue to sail ever leftward, forever against the country that provides them safe harbour.   They gleefully hate any normalcy or reason, preferring to cleave unto the irrational twilight zone of man's quest to perfect the condition of humanity.    They come from "The Age of Reason", after all.
      Now comes Time Magazine, praying the attention of all, that it should be agreed and accepted by those who are better qualified to be told what to think, that those who are better qualified to tell people what to think have judged THE PROTESTOR as what was once called "The Man of the Year".  
      So, El Gringo Viejo went to several places in  Protestoria and spoke with THE PROTESTER  in order to "get into his skin" and learn what was important to the most important man of the moment  for all times.    We arrived during the afternoon and the Plaza of the Glorious Beheading and found a cluster of  THE PROTESTER hanging around and exchanging placards, broadsides, and Molotov cocktail ingredients.
      After exchanging greetings, the Gringo Viejo asked if he could see one of the broadsides and read the list of complaints and demands.    It turned out that these guys were members of the Islamic Fundamentalist Female Circumcision Party.   They informed me that they had a membership of over 143% of all the eligible voters in Protestoria and that this one issue was the one of greatest importance to each and every citizen of Protestoria.
      Suddenly, several men charged into this group and began hacking at them with scimitars and axes.    It became pretty messy after a bit, but the Gringo Viejo kept on with his journalistic duties, asking these new arrivals if there was a bit of disagreement with the Islamic Fundamentalist Female Circumcision Party.    After praising Allah, the respondent declared that they were all friends, except that it was necessary to purify the movement only slightly, and so this splinter group of the Party of Islam to Behead All Heretics needed a little bit of beheading so as to come to their senses.
      When the Gringo Viejo nodded seriously, Ahmed continued,"Each of us must find our own way to paradise, but these guys are crazy...they lose their heads over any little thing".
       "So, then you have to behead them, right?"  I respond.
      "Oh! So good, English.   You understand us then, Praise be!" Ahmed seemed pleased.  He continued with a bit of an explanation,"These guys are really extreme.   We are secular and democratic.   Very progressive.   We must move into the modern world.   Enough of dictators and crawling before foreign crusader dogs and communists and homosexuals.    Just the other day, in fact, we noticed a woman wearing a green burkha on Thursday....can you ever imagine?   It gives me shame to even mention it....let Allah strike me down for mentioning it if it pleases Him....But it was that same old slut whose great grandmother had to be beheaded for smiling a her third cousin without having 7 adult male blood relatives and 5 adult female relatives and two female relatives under the age of 7 within 7 cubits distance of her left foot.  It was a Holy Day, you see.   When she was beheaded, Amal took four hacks, because she was very tough, but since it was not a Holy Day, we have to then hack off Amal's left hand for being an imperfect beheader.   It would please Allah."
      "Can I ask, with all due or undue respect, you understand, that you say you are moving into a modern world, and very progressive.   Once you have established a new government and the dictator devil is gone, what will change?"

      "Nothing.   That is the point.   Before it was everyday the same.   That is why we are fighting against the hand of Satan, the slave-whoredog of the Americans, the French, the British, and the Russians.   We want to establish a permanent order where every day it will be the same, like before.   But it is necessary that we destroy all forms of wealth production and live by keeping as much for our own families by tricking the Christian relief agencies and diverting American foreign aid to the same banks Yassir Arafat and Fidel Castro use in France, Spain, and Belgium.   Then, the Revolution will be complete."

     "Then there will be peace between the Shi' ite and the Sunni?   Perhaps with the Christians and the Jews, even?"

     "No.   No.   There can be no peace until all Sunni are beheaded.   We have well trained teams to go to-day to blow up all Sunni Mosques.    We are waiting for their satanic chapels to fill with their evil followers and we will drive many hundreds of tonnes of TNT into the mosques at the moment of obeisance.  Then we have other teams that will surround the mosques and behead the women who are waiting for the men...and behead the children also.    It will be a learning process for the them."


      El Gringo Viejo arrived in the financial centre of the capital of Europa.   It smelled really bad.   He was waving his hand in front of his face, instinctively trying to waft away the horrid sewer and decay odours.  "Wow, this is really something." the Gringo Viejo confided to a small gaggle of PROTESTERS.
     "Yeah, dude.   The city brought fire trucks and blew out everything with pine oil and lysol about two hours ago,  it hasn't been this clean since Charles DeGaulle's funeral, according to some of the old people.   Do you have some weed, dude?   We're running low.   We don't got any money but you can use my old lady for whatever....a kilo or two?"
     "That's very generous, but I'm fresh out of weed, too.  Sorry about that,   just haven't been in town long enough to score."  declared the Gringo Viejo, looking for an opening for a retreat to someplace where breathing would not cause instant death from tuberculosis eruptis.    Stepping over the various leavings of the "Men (and women) of the Year"....pretty much  left behind with less concern than alley dogs, he found a couple of fellows who seemed lucid.
      "Are you all here for the Protest" ...I asked.
     "Are you all locals?"
      "*******,  and then *****  ****   ************* ****** ******  ***.    We are ****  *****  **** ******** member of the ******* Union  of Union and Community Interest Organisations  ******* to-day and tomorrow ******** *** **** ******* morning at ******  **  ***** *** 88* 8******  or 9:30am," the protester responds.
     His buddy was relieving himself, splashing a girl's poncho.   She was doing alright, but there were about 8 or 9 roach-butts strewn around her "space" along with three empty vodka bottles.    Seemed okay, enough, relatively.   She had probably bathed  three or four months ago, and seemed to be holding up pretty well.    The septic stench and vomit fragrances, along with the smell of bad gasoline, being used for making Molotov's for this morning's "statement" was finally overwhelming.
     The 99% had convinced the Gringo Viejo that it was time to go back to his hidey hole in the mountains and live among the 1% who have almost nothing and have a good life....and to Texas where everyone is in the 1% or 2% and has almost everything and have a good life....and to try to convince those two groups to kiss their flags every morning.   We will do well to avoid "popular movements" whose objectives are left purposely un-defined so as to dupe the stupid and the "hope and change", or "Arab Spring" or Occupy this or that.
      The union of communists and maniacal pseudo Ishmaelites, that truly could only be put together by Satan himself must be resisted.   There is no place in the future for our children and grandchildren, less even for their issue, if we do not redefine the words hope, change, and progress to their true meanings, to-day....not to-morrow.

Back in North America.   Whew...that was a long flight.   Thank you all for being here when I arrive home.
El Gringo Viejo