Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Another Major Victory

A couple of days ago elements of the Mexican Naval Infantry drove by a cluster of individuals in Valle Hermoso, Tamaulipas.   It appeared as though several were known to have active wants and warrants on them.   There were two vehicles with license plates that did not pertain to those vehicles.   There had been a telephonic "anonymous denunciation" along with various cyber "anonymous denunciations" from the normal dumboes in the area, and the patrol was working on that information and on their own reconnaissance.

     They drove around the block, and on the second pass, came under fire by these same men who were using automatic rifles.    The Naval Infantry returned fire, having one marinero wounded. They called for reinforcements from the nearby Matamoros Garrison.  Of over-riding importance was the minimalisation of collateral damage due to the location of the battle-site.   It was about 4 blocks from the center of the city of 60,000.   The ruffians had taken refuge inside what is essentially a warehouse and intermittent factory that processes steel and iron contstruction items.
      The pistoleros had 73 automatic or semi-automatic rifles, 6 semi-automatic pistols, and various accoutrements likes cell phones, bullet proofed jackets, helmets, a small amount of marijuana and cocaine, and by a fairly good count 110,000 rounds of AK47 and AR16 automatic rifle ammunition.  This count was finished after a two hour engagement which left 11 pistoleros dead, none wounded, and none captured.  The wounded Marine has been returned to active duty.
      All of the arms and munitions were of Red Chinese origin, save for 24 out-of-date, Yugoslavia-era, round, hand-grenades.

The toll road entry that enters into the
Chilpancingo de los Bravo
 Metropolitan Area
population - 300,000 

Occupy Chilpancingo?
     The capital of Guerrero State in southern Mexico has had a fairly lengthy episode of "student" protesters who have been blocking traffic on a major highway (fairly common tactic by communist and leftist community organisers) and generally putting the secondary and preparatory schools into a state of suspension.    The organisers are most probably gangs and communists working together to hype up the students who cannot think too deeply and terrorising the ones who really have no truck with their cause.    The second group runs home and to the police station and the first group makes molotovs and clusters up brick, pieces of concrete block, scoopings of poo-poo from dogs or any other source, making bags of urine, and making pint bags of Clorox.    These fixings are used to kill, injure, or contaminate personnel representing authourity.
     Of course, the private property of anyone is attacked.   A PEMEX gasoline station across the highway from the school compound was molotov'd and destroyed.   The "students" were filmed performing the act.....about 40 participated and could be seen jumping for joy and celebrating.    Much damage and vandalism was committed against the school and its immediate surroundings.
     The State Police finally arrive after about three hours of excesses.   They were driven off by gunfire, molotov cocktails, pieces of steel pipe, concrete block, and rocks.   The numbers of "students" who had been more active became less active and many were drifting away.   The hard core was celebrating their "victory".   Security cameras at businesses showed the rioters hijacking busses...mainly the first class and deluxe express busses on their way to Acapulco with early Virgin of Guadalupe Day and Christmastide celebrants.    They would then turn the busses across the lanes of traffic so as to block all southbound traffic, which, of course was considerable at the time.

imagen 1 de ciudad Chilpancingo
Downtown Chilpancingo.  The city itself is clean
and very tranquil.  The OROG is seeing the State
Capitol and behind it is the main Cathedral in the
Diocese of Chilpancingo

    They knew these actions would bring the federal police and perhaps even the Army....and they set up an ambush for whomsoever might be arriving.   The problem is that when the Federal Uniformed Police and elements of the Army arrived, it was not a squad of 10 or 15 dumboes with 60 year old Colt .45 semi-automatic pistols.    They arrived in force, about 200 of them, all heavily armed.   In spite of the obvious mismatch, two or three idiot demonstrators fired on them and about 40 assaulted them with fire bombs, pieces of pipe dipped in poo-poo, bags of urine and dog poop, and rocks.   When it was over, there were 15 officers in the hospital and two "occupiers" dead.    The highway was open.   The PEMEX gasoline station was already being sized up for clean up and rebuilding.

     And....of course....the Mexican Commission of Human Rights has arrived to console the families of the poor, innocent dead "students" spite of clear evidence that they were little more than murderous vandals, intent on some unexplainable mission of nihilism and anarchy simply because it seemed like a good idea.   The lists of demands the group had been making had been changed daily....and when agreed to...the agreements had been refused.   It was a very typical communist-style confrontation that goes on at schools and universities everywhere in the world.   "The bus fares went up and now the students cannot afford to go to school.  Capitalist exploitation.  They do not want the lower people to rise to their level.   It is discrimination on the Indian communities by the bourgeoisie white and mestizo Mexicans!!"
    Okay, we'll print vouchers that the students can use and ride the busses for free.
    "We will never fall for your enticements and tricks to agree with such a ridiculous proposal.  They will identify us and take us up into the mountain and shoot us.  They will know who we are because we are paying with the vouchers.   You are fools to think that we cannot see through you tricks."
Some might consider this wooly image of a tropical mountain village as some thing almost foreboding.   Actually it is Chilpancingo, a real, live capital city.  About 150 inches of rain every year, full markets of every known and unknown vegetative eatables, about 80% Indian population.   But, 70% of the population can speak Spanish now.   Very pleasant place.
      Yesterday, there were several thousands people marching in this community adjacent to Chilpancingo.   The Gringo Viejo thought, "Oh! My God, here it goes again."   The area is famous for almost continous turmoil.   Since the Revolucion de 1910 - 1917, no civilian governor has served out his term in the State of Guerrero.   It's a business there.   Oddly, it is also a fairly pleasant place to hang around on a long term basis as well.
     But wait!   The signs....Oh! My God!   The signs are expressing support for the military and the police.   There must be 40,000's incredible.    Now, the Old Gringo will see if Telavisa and/or TV Azteca or CNN en Espanol or any of the mainstream press will carry this turn of events.

This is enough for a while.  Back in touch later.
El Gringo Viejo
PS  -   CBS c0verage of the incident.   The reporter conveniently leaves out 16 minutes of filming from adjacent business's outside security cameras and other filming done by bus-drivers with their cellular telephones that all captured, in colour and good detail, the facts as presented in the Gringo Viejo's blog entry.   Oddly, about 75% of the reporter's observations are accurate.   He just could not help himself from putting in the bilge about the 40 missing and the detained people.   That is #6 in the communist manual on how to spawn and conduct a riot.   Always declare that there are "disappeared" persons.   These are usually girls who have been raped and murdered by the same organisers of the riots, and boys who have not followed orders or who threatened to "rat out" the perpetrators.   Or, more commonly, the issue is made up from whole cloth.