Monday, 5 December 2011

Perfect Definition of Madness

Fed may give loans to IMF to help euro zone: paper.

Duh?  Dat really feel rilly goud, right?

Well it be.   Certainly we are in better hands when we leave the affairs of national finance to people who are much smarter than we.   After all, if the Federal Reserve can print free money for the National Socialist Banking System, and free money to feed millions of people for free, and free money to subsidize production of food for free meals for millions of people in America and elsewhere to eat for free.....then they should print free money to feed the union members and slugs of Greece, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Italy, Iceland, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Turkey, Luxembourg, and Monte Carlo, and Scabovia, and Upper Southern Vomitia and California.
    Perhaps we should feed the dogs and cats and all the little animals.   And the Polar Bears.
Pray for the state of Christ's Church.   The iceburg has been struck.   There is no hope for the ship of State.
El Gringo Viejo