Monday, 5 December 2011

A Geezer Just Has to Learn, Sometimes

    So, during the Thanksgiving episode, we had a bit of a problem with the wife's ride.   The was a crack in the top of the radiator.   We took the vehicle to the shop and had it fixed.  It was cheap enough and very quick.   The leak in the radiator was fixed.   BUT!   There was the tiniest, teeniniest little drip that showed up the next day.   Nothing, less than a drip an hour, but it was there.   After three days there was a little light that came on saying "cooling fluid low". 
     El Gringo Viejo solved that by putting in a pint of distilled water.   The drip continued.    Then the battery went dead.   El Gringo Viejo buys another battery....and then takes the vehicle to the radiator/muffler shop.    He is very kind and gentle, there is no reason to have to defend oneself at this place.   It is almost like a club.   Whosoever goes there once will not go elsewhere.   It is cheap, not inexpensive, but dirt cheap and the work, parts, etc. are all guaranteed, no questions asked.
     Three mechanics come's Saturday, mid/late afternoon.   They look under, over, around, and through.  The put the hand-pressure pump on and pump it up.   They put the truck on the lift.   Finally, it drips.   It drips again.   Everybody is happy....but everybody is sad.   "Es la bomba"....(It's the pump.).    The water pump has the tiniest leak....they do not go away, they only become worse.    We change it out.   It was still very cheap by realistic standards.   And they do not use Red Chinese replacement parts.   Only new American or Mexican, or rebuilt Mexican parts.  Legitimate parts in a box that say, Made in America....or Hecho en Mexico...or Reconstuida, garantizada, EUM.    All carry life-time warranties.    No Red Chinese 23 day water pumps.
     But Wait!   There's more.    The thing is, you see....and all OROGs know what the Gringo Viejo is talking about....that my son had pointed out the leak after the radiator repair and said that it was something different...almost insignificant....but it was there.    El Gringo Viejo told everyone to leave it would's cleaning's nothing....think positively....etc. etc. etc.
Seen while the Gringo Viejo was waiting for his
auto to be repaired.

     As the OROG probably already knows, the young whippersnapper was right and the old geezer was wrong.   This moved the Gringo Viejo a couple of steps closer to the entrance to the Nancy Pelosi Memorial Soylent Green Factory (earmark 3302a385/dm220),   He did see the Grim Reaper at the repair shop, but he was just picking up his Chevy Volt....something about a fire in the battery compartment.

More later.   Thanks for the attention and time.
El Gringo Viejo