Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Reason Perry is a Dumboe

     The number one reason Mr. Rick is a dumboe is because he can talk longer and say less than even the most accomplished Texas politicians who talk right and act left in history.
     The number two reason Mr. Rick is a dumboe is because he calls us down because we don't "have hearts" when we suggest that it is not a good idea to allow in-State tuition to children of illegal aliens who have been here for a long time.    The Gringo Viejo understands this issue, and is conflicted by the various arguments on about 5 or 6 different points of view about the issue.  To say that the Old Gringo does not "have a heart" is arrogant, misleading, and pointless.
     The number three reason Mr. Rick is a dumboe is because he never did point out that the Border Governor's Conference did not meet in Texas last year because the Mexican Governors of Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Sonora, and Baja California were miffed with the Texas Governor.   The Mexican Governors played the Tom for the anti-American intellectuals in Mexico and the United States and snubbed because Mr. Rick tended to side with Arizona's right to self-defense in light of the avalanche of lawlessness that has beset that poor State...due to Janet Napolitano's failures both as Governor of Arizona and as "Secretary" of something called Homeland Security.     Perry said he had a few issues with Arizona's law but he supported the people's right to arrange things the way they chose.
Instead of pointing out something intelligent, he underscores that he tries to be stupid, when possible.  
     The number four reason Mr. Rick is a dumboe is because Texas is still stuck with a Tar Baby thing that no one knows whose uncle it is, where it came from, why it's here, or why it does not leave.    That unidentifiable amorphous mass is called  the "Business Tax".    It was put in place so as to make up for the reductions in property taxes that were being passed in most locales of the State.   The poobahs and the Governor were adamant that the "Business Tax" was not a State Business Income Tax....which of course meant that it was exactly that.
    There are exemptions now, so that no tax is owed for businesses generating less than 1,000,000 dollars in sales.   There are other exemptions for left-handed Lesbian Eskimoes, blue eyed Eskilarrys, and club-footed Eskicurlys....so now we have to seven or eight more  Astronautical Accountants to fill out all forms and obtain the correct number of contradictory answers from another layer of dumbasses in a government taxing office somewhere.
     Still, nobody knows where the "Business Tax" came from, why it cannot be repealed outright during the openning seconds of the next session of the Congress of the Republic of Texas.   We are told that we need to make certain that we have enough money to fund the "Feed Somebody Else's Children Who Have Severe Dietary Disorders Program" via the Lone Star Card.    And other very important programs, like "Feed the Children of Mother's Who Miraculously Become Pregnant and Whelp Out Seven Babies in Nine Years by a Possible Universe of Fifty-three Paternal Eligibles Program"
      You know, like, it's not like we're wasting money or anything.....and if you rich people don't chip in, then who's goin' to feed them?    It's just, like, you know...you gotta have a heart.   Otherwise the grocery stores and banks won't get any money to show how prosperous we are.  And it's required anyway in order to qualify for our share of the WIC program, and the Pre-teen Neo-natal delivery assistance program, and the Big Gold Lone Star Card we have to give every quarter to the girls who qualify to become members of the 26 Year Old Grandmothers Club.   Last year we had to make two trophies for the Annual Golden Lifetime No-limits Lone Star Card when two different girls tied for youngest grandmothers of the year at  24 years, 3 months, 15 days, 5 hours, and 22 minutes of age.   The decision had to be delayed because the mid-wife of one of the two girls was in prison for documentation forgery, so her paperwork had to be checked out a little more carefully.

      The number five reason that Mr. Rick is a dumboe is because instead of attacking and tearing down other Republican candidates about anything, he could say, "This is why Social Security is not a good choice for Americans or for America.     Here is a copy given to me by a public school employee in Texas.   She wanted me to show it to you in order to save America.   I cannot show her name, but it is a common Texas Teachers' and Public School Employees' Retirement System Statement.....She has been employed by the school district near where she lives for 33 years.    She has served in four or five different capacities.    Her earnings have been low, by New York standards, but the pleasure and honor of living in Texas and being a Texan, makes up for that.    Even though the salaries she has earned are low, we still take off the top a percentage, about 6 percent, and put it into.....not a lock box for Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.....but a numbered account that belongs to this woman...only her....no one else.  She does not participate in Social Security and pays no Social Security withholding.   We then turn the money over to a bunch of our "good-old-boy" friends who serve on the Board of Governors of the retirement fund and they put money into green energy projects and Amalgamated Alchemy, and Soros, Gore, and Associates sponsored projects and flush it down the toilet.

         No, no .. no no no ....excuse me.   That comes for one of those bills we had to vote for in order to find out what was in it.
       Our fund's governors put this woman's money, and several hundred other similar peoples' money into a mix of very conservative and boring investment instruments.   About the most dangerous are Mexican and Canadian short term bonds, the rest are like Joe's Watch the Paint Dry Bonds.   So here we are.
     Her monthly pension will be almost 2, 300 dollars per month.  She can choose less and leave some to be inherited.   There are burial alternatives, there are five different plans for her and an equal number for her survivors.   Why, it's almost like......it's her money and she can make the choices.   Not me, not you, not Hillary.....She makes the decisions....She has 112,000 dollars that only she can access and manage.    In Texas, we do not fund the retirement system from the general fund....it is funded by the employee....and it belongs to the employee....not to the politicians.
     But Mr. Rick is a dumboe so he gets into a shouting match and plays the part of Stanley Laurel while he forces a Massachusetts dumboe to play the part of Oliver Hardy.   That does a lot of good, Mr. Rick.....or maybe it's Rowan and Martin....or is it Martin and Lewis??

      The number six reason Mr. Rick is a dumboe is because he cannot bring himself to say, "The Confederate Flag license plate option is supported by the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the vast majority of Texans.  The SCV is the Ku Klux Klan's and their assorted white-trash membership's worst enemy.   We need to know, understand, and remember our past.  Six Flags Over Texas, we honor each.   Next question please.
      But no....Mr. Rick....you went estrogen on the issue and did what the liberal Republicans and the anti-Americans wanted and Tom'd out to the anti-American Politically Correct metro-sexual tofu eaters.    Although you seem to be a Texan, at times you smell like a carpetbagger.....the kind of carpetbagger who will say, do, and sacrifice any sense of honour in order to obtain your ends.

That will do for a few reasons why Rick Perry is a dumboe.   I would still vote for him over any possible, known, probable, Democrat for President.   We have to remember that he can fly a C-130 , and he is a graduate of Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University and he has served the longest tenure as President of the Republic of Texas...longer even than Sam Houston.    He's been sober longer than Houston, and Houston was drunk a lot longer than Perry has been alive.   (The Old Gringo thinks that it is probable that Perry does not use alcohol.)

 One of the worst nightmares of America's enemies.   A bunch
of guys like Rick Perry driving a few of these babies into
someplace that needs a lot of USArmy attention.   Perry can
drive one of these War Busses...the Old Gringo can't.
(Just doing some basic balance)

Thanks for your attention as usual.
El Gringo Viejo