Monday, 31 October 2011

Too Good to Pass Up

     This screed was found while stumbling around on various blogs, newspaper editorials, and screed responses.    It speaks to the truth.   It points out the ultimate results of allowing people like the Occupiers to have their way with anything, especially America.    In a way, it shows the audacity of mendaciousness of a president and first-lady who can campaign in mansions and rant about the "1% who don't pay their fair share" while they vacation and insume and act like the white-trash at every venue.   Since they have no real moral grounding they are actually proud of their hyporcrisy.   They relish the illogic of their proposals and analyses of the American people.   The more preposterous their proposals and blame-casting becomes, the prouder they become of themselves....what pitiful people.
(note for OROGs :    The writer of this entry below-entered is obviously educated.  He learned his English well, but uses a bit of Russian language syntax.   OROGs should have no difficulty with the one or two rough parts of the entry.   The Old Gringo was going to say that if a person had watched Boris and Natasha during the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, there will be no problem.   But since that might be offensive to the ACLU and the White House Czar for Feeling Bad, Hurt, and Athletes' Foot, it was decided not to include the above statement)

Former Soviet Citizen
Orange you said? That explains everything! What’s next – Bandera was like Robin Hood? Nazis were good people because they were killing Russians? I net bol’shego schastiya, chem chtoby u soseda korova sdohla? (There’s no bigger happiness then to see neighbor’s cow dead) You should learn some wisdom lessons from Vintage. Tho… darn! I forgot, he can’t be right because he’s been a RUSSIAN!!! or may be even worse – Moscal! And speaking of Russians – do you and does your wife see any difference between Russians and comminusts/bolshevics?
When real rich people were gone (Russian Immigration) or killed and their redistributed wealth didn’t make anybody rich (you better take a pen and write it down) Bolsheviks still needed money to create their equality paradise. And they found a new target – kulaks, not so rich but not poor either because they were hard working people. Does it ring the bell with 250K and then with 200K? (write it down too) My grand-grandparents were farmers (ukranians, just for your wife’s info) and their whole family worked hard so they had bread to feed their kids. Since they had horses and cows then, according to Bolshevist agenda, they weren’t honest people because “honest” people couldn’t be “that rich” and “honest” people are always poor because of folks like my grand-grand-parents. 99% vs 1%, anyone? (I hope you are writing) Bolsheviks’ solution was simple – take away their “dishonest” earning, give it to “honest” people and send this nasty “rich” family to Siberia to pay for their sins. All young children, half of the family, paid them alright – they didn’t survive and died of starvation on their way to Tomsk. Did the bread they couldn’t eat any longer improve anybody’s life? Hell, no! Write it down too, you might need it when one day somebody will knock into your door because you make, let’s say, 30K which makes you “rich” and it’s time for you to pay your debt to society of “honest” people in a local kolhoz or, if you make, God forbid, “filthy” 50K, then Kolyma will be your final destination . Now that you wrote it down you can donate it to those neo-leninists from OWS you and your wife support so much. I hope they don’t accept cash and blankets only but useful reading as well. And I hope it’s enough to wake them up.
     These are the words of truth spoken against the rage of self-appointed madmen who seek to perfect society....not for society's sake....but to realise a burning desire and impulse to control the lives of other people and make society into something it should be as determined by a madman (Adolf Hitler), a group of madmen (Lenin, Mao, Ho, Pol, Fidel, Saddam), or an organization of organizations of madmen (Soros, NOW, PP, Move on, USCommunist Party, SEIU, ACORN, Democrat Party, atheist Media, Jew-haters, atheist Jews who hate Jews, Muslim fanatics who hate all Jews and Gentiles, ).
     There is a certain sadness in recognising that standing a country that is totally consumed by a corruption that would make New Jersey, California, Mexico, and New York blush.    Since the fall of the Communist Government, there have not been enough people with moral or ethical understanding to come to the fore and develop a new Russian life code...morality...common understanding of right and wrong....common law...etc.    The population continues to drop....over 8,000,000 fewer Russians now than say...since the Berlin Wall came down.     Babies are not all that en vogue....but consuming a barrel or two of Vodka for breakfast remains a national passtime.    There is enough to export to keep cake on the storeshelves for a while longer.   There is always hope of finding more gold, gas, oil, or lumber or sell on the world market so that the people can continue the socialist way of life while calling it democracy....but what happens when the Russian brand of the  Bastille People run out of Vodka once and for all?    Will they dig up the Romanoffs and kill them again.   Will they revive the mummified Lenin and beg forgiveness?   What happens when all the plans fail and there is no culture left...No true morality, no true ethic, no culture ....only variations of mad dictators,  mafia, crime, decay, and hopelessness.

El Gringo Viejo likes to take the words of inspired Communists, and play them against the backdrop of their concrete.   So, perhaps I am a magician, changing their concrete into our beautiful green lawns and golf courses.
 Malvina Reynolds

Pete Seeger was excellent at the mastery of the pointless.   So long as it hated America, it had to be good.   In this famous ditty, he points out that what he rails against is much worse than the "projects" and the children going to the corner to sell drugs and the to prison instead of trade school or college.    After all, can a child learn if the government doesn't give him.....(enter any or all of 14,234 things)? 
 Pete Seeger

   If you read the Russian's words all the way  through, you have heard the tone of a fine bell made of copper, silver, and gold.   The truth always rings true.   Bless the truth of a Russian who knows...
El Gringo Viejo