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Lunacies as We Begin to Enter the 430 month long campaign year...

Mexico has a lot of silly rules about adverising formats and schedules for elections.   All the signs have to come down 72 hours after the election....political announcements or polling results given 72 hours before.    Fox News in its American format is blocked during the last days because they occasionally might announce polling results of Mexican voters during the banned period, for instance.   Most damaging, of course, is the National Dry Day during the Election.
   They also have photo ID...not only on the voter's credential, but on THE POLLING PRECINCT'S ROSTER OF ELIGIBLE VOTERS!!!!!  Try that one on for size, ACLU and all the forces in charge of "making sure every vote gets counted"....Al Gore likes to repeat that one on the women's talk programs.
Yes, folks...the president of the voting precinct and the other workers, now drawn essentially from a conscription of other eligible voters at that location, receive the Lista de Votantes.   Each person's name and identifying voter's elegibility number...also has the same photograph that appears on his Credencial Federal Electoral.   If they....then why not we?

     Next is the  Cheshire Cat Knowing Smile and Smirk about all of Bush and Cheney's lies and corruption.
     Just Remember!    Bush and the Enron scandal.
   Just terrible.     BUT, the Fact was, the ENRON people were very much in bed with the national socialists in Clinton's administration and with his national socialist bundler buddies on Wall Street.   It was Robert Rubin who called Bush's Secretary of the Treasury and urged some intervention on behalf of Enron.   The Secretary of the Treasury told him that Rubin's call was inappropriate.   Rubin himself indicated that he had been out of line.   The Bush's and Enron, of course, never did mix...Enron was more aligned with the slimy Bentsen organization and mafia in Houston....experts at turning unused land into soil-bank farm subsidies and stealing royalties from little old ladies and Mexicans and people who were aligned with their crummy corruption in South Texas.    Bentsen was an expert as the big lie..."I knew Jack Kennedy, Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine...and you Senator are no Jack Kennedy...."   Bentsen was sent to a girls' finishing school after returning from Europe where he had a distinguished career as a B-17 bomber pilot which was tainted a bit when he landed his plane in Romania although it did not seem to have any damage.   It is also worth pointing out that Bentsen's position on the top of the Democrat ticket really overwhelmed the chauvinist, dullard Texas Jethroes.
     Since there was a real live Texan on the ballot for Vice-President, the red-necks and hillbillies all went out and voted .....  for the a Yankee almost...Dan Quayle, who was hated by the press because his daddy had been involved with the John Birch Society.    Dan Qualye is a better man than Lloyd Bentsen, Jr. and Old Man Quayle was a better man than Lloyd Millard Benstsen, Sr.    Imagine a Texan losing to somebody from Indiana for Vice-President in the Texan's home State.

     Then there is that poor Valerie Plame girl.   She was a daring darling,  secret agent for the CIA in Europe, working in deep undercover operations, risking her life, and just being an all around Jane Bond.   Then she received a promotion to be a very high level strategic analyst for Eastern European and Middle Eastern matters at the CIA, and had to go back to Washington, D.C. because that is where her country needed her.   She and her brilliant hubby, Joe Wilson would just have to put up with the dullness of desk duty for the good of the country.
     Then one day while they were serving their country, someone in the CIA said, "I sure wish we could find out if Hussein wanted yellow cake unranium from Niger."   Valerie Plame said, "My husband is a really sharp guy, an ambassador, and he knows all about that area over there."   And since Valerie was a great secret agent man and had a lot of pull in the CIA, the man who needed the job done called Joe Wilson in and said, "Joe, the fate of the whole earth depends on you and your wife.   Go find out about this and write me up a two page report of your findings.  But remember, this is ultra-top-super-duper-secret-classified.   You can't even show your findings to yourself.  In fact, you will have to commit suicide and then eat the report."      Whew!  You have to admire the dedication.   He was authourize, however, to "make the rounds" of the pinko morning shows and Sunday "advance-the-cause" shows, and talk in detail about how he had "....had tea with"....higher-ups in Niger and they had said that they did not sell any such material to Sadam Hussein.   So, who are we to believe?   Thoroughly corrupt political officials, the United Nations nuclear examiner, Saddam Hussein, Joe Wilson who hates America and made his mark by being an anti-war demonstrator during the Viet Nam War era, was and still is a far-left Democrat, or are we going to believe the logic of evidence and proven actions by Saddam Hussein?    The media played its cards very predictably.   Hate America first, Hate George Bush first....and then go to a commercial break from PETA.
     The CIA people were very smart we are told, because they had said there is definitely a large amount of mustard gas, biological munitions, and possibly nuclear weaponry in Saddam Hussein's arsenal.   The first two were well beyond for-sure, and the third seemed very probable.   The deal was to see if Saddam had gained atomic weaponry from black market sources in Russia OR Red China,   OR perhaps from a Bulgarian - Ukranian connection, OR perhaps from a Pan-Arab group combining some of the above with the alliance of Libya, Palestinians, and international criminal elements.
       One indication that he either had the nuclear weaponry or was in the final stages of developing said weaponry was to find out if he was accessing "yellow-cake", and if yes, from where.

      Our friends at Wikipedia have a contributor who provided this information:
The worldwide production of uranium in 2009 amounted to 50,572 tonnes, of which 27% was mined in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan, Canada, and Australia are the top three producers and together account for 63% of world uranium production. Other important uranium producing countries in excess of 1000 tonnes per year are Namibia, Russia, Niger, Uzbekistan, and the United States.[
       There are several countries in Africa where uranium is found in recoverable quantities, as well as in Mexico and certain other places in Latin America.    Also in Texas,
          Long before Valerie and Joe had made themselves important, the cadillac-communist gagazine, VOGUE, ran an article on, by, with, and for the demure Valerie Plame, noted for her subdued wardrobe and attempts to tone down her beautiful, long, golden locks of natural blond hair.   Part of her undercover cover while being a secret agent man was to make certain that her parking permit was properly display in the correct spot of the window of her auto.   That was her parking permit for Langley....the CIA Headquarters.     But the permit does not say 'CIA', it said 'Central Intelligence Agency....just to keep the bad guys off balance.
This time it is not VOGUE, but the popular culture/ political
satire and commentary mag, JEZEBEL, in 2007, showing Joe
and Valerie in their Incognitomobile, a convertible, avoiding
detection from Karl Rove by driving around in front of the
White House....ostensibly so that they could avoid  Lawrence
Eagleburger outing them again.  (?)

     This thoroughly deluded pair of narcissistic, mendacious slugs, each with a long history of anti-war activism and malingering on the tax-payers' dimes, can now enjoy their Duke of Windsor and wife Wallis Warfield (Simpson)(Harris)(Windsor) way of life, and will hopefully die comfortably in some appropriate place like Havana or Oakland, living long to celebrate slowly their tremendous contributions to humanity and their nation.

     To this day, there are many people involved in the "intelligence business" who think that much of Saddam's gas and bio munitions along with significant parts of the atomic program went into Syria....a fellow Ba'athist by another family of nutcases...the Assads.   The Hussein nuts and the Assad nuts did not really get along all that well, but...Case in point....we remember not only the Israeli pre-emptive strike on Iraq's nuclear facility in the 1981.    We note that the Israelis also bombed  and destroyed a Syrian nuclear facility some months back.   The Syrians and the leftist world press were quite mum about this.  The only possible reason is because, in the world contest of power orbs, it does not behoove the communist and national socialist and anti-American interest at this time to allow wide dissemination of news which would tend to underscore what rational people know to be true.
     SADDAM HUSSEIN HAD WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, USED THOSE WEAPONS AGAINST IRAN AND HIS OWN PEOPLE, AND IN THE WAY OF A MADMAN, TRIED TO PUT THEM WHERE THEY COULD STILL BE USED TO DESTROY ISRAEL AND TO RE-ESTABLISH THE DYNASTY OF SALADIN AND THE WORLD CALIPHATE UNDER A ROYAL HOUSE OF SADDAM AL TIKRITI.     Saddam's two guiding historical figures were Saladin and Nebuchadnezzar  We remember when he "won" the first Gulf War and was forced out of the Emirate of Kuwait, he attempted, before the outbreak of hostilities, to fly his air force over into the protective custody of ....THE IRANIAN REVOLUTIONARY GUARDS?
      One of our problems here, as an uniformed blob of mow almost illiterate, almost totally ignorant body politic, is that our intelligence service might have a lot of people in its ranks who are America-haters, and who feed and work in tandem with the Lamampours of the press other words,...other people who hate America, first thing in the morning, last thing at night.   People like Bill and Barry, Michelle and Hillary.    To think that the Emperor of Japan and the Prime Minister of the Japanese Parliament would have to refuse to accept the apology of the President of the United States for America's bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.   The son of the guilty Emperor and the head of their congress had more class and better understanding of the events of 1945, and a more rational intellectual processing of the event than the world's leading America-hater....Barak O'bama.    Great Yahweh, save us.

Jerrold Post
Author of Political Paranoia: the Psychopolitics of Hatred
Statement of 12/1990, before the House Armed Services Committee

Inspired by his uncle's tales of heroism in the service of the Arab nation, Saddam has been consumed by dreams of glory since his earliest days. He identifies himself with Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylonia who conquered Jerusalem (586 B.C.) and Saladin who regained Jerusalem in 1187 by defeating the Crusaders….

In pursuit of his messianic dreams, there is no evidence he is constrained by conscience; his only loyalty is to Saddam Hussein…

More later.  Especially a reminder of how debased our public education has become.
Thanks for your time and attention.
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