Friday, 28 October 2011

AlGore Was Going to an All Hallow's Even Party, but

Poor Al, he just got back from the masseuse, and he just could not find his costume for to-night's All Halloweds' Even Costume Party.   The when he went out to go to town to find another get-up, the roads were closed because of record early snowfalls there at\his little log cabin outside of Nashville....not far from where he used to push mules  on the rocky hillside ....growin' tobacky for his ole pappy.

Not meant to be: Halloween decorations stand covered in snow in a front lawn in Denver, Colorado. A foot of snow fell this week, just two days after the city was 80 degrees
POOR AL, He just cain't control hisse'f now that
he's a-gettin' on up in years.   Real bad tempered
like one of them there Bipolar Bears.