Sunday, 2 October 2011

And this is why the wealthy and the rich cannot be taxed in a manner different from the remainder of the population

     The best points are simply stated.   The ghosts of Robespierre and Voltaire are always lurking around to invade men's souls.    The Communists, Socialists, and Liberals (all the same thing....just different time-lines) are usually quick to retreat to a point in the argument about "fairness" that the rich and the wealthy do not "need" such-and-such amount of money.
      The Old Gringo would yield to that argument were it possible to assure the world that Hillary, Roseanne, Rosie, Pelosi, Adolf Shicklegrueber Heidler, and Jane Fonda would not be allowed to meet during girls' night out at the bierhaus and establish the maximum allowable income for Americans to be set at....say.....15,000.oo/annum.

      A lot could be said for the efforts of heroic defenders of the downtrodden, however.   They can invent money from somebody's stash and give it away for free.   That way the money does not cost anything because the government pays for it.   All you have to do is line up at the Reverend Mr. Sharpton's door and let him funnel the the money from Father O'bamaham's stash to your pocket.   Voila!  no more poor people.

     There is really no way to understand how any of this is tolerated.   When ENRON's chief executive asked former Clinton Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin to intervene with the Treasury Secretary of the Bush administration in order to "work something out" for ENRON, Rubin himself observed that his request was "self-serving" and "probably out of order".  The Bush administration did nothing to stop the demise of another Ponzi Scheme....ENRON's marketting system....and the company collapsed as it should have.    Would that they had allowed the other organizations to "cross over" into corporate history six years later.

      The government cannot stimulate anything without de-stimulating something else.   It is natural law.    The effort to accomplish the magic trick of robbing Peter to pay Paul and to have no negative effect has failed at every attempt.
       The juggernaut of the European Economic Community, long burdened by incredible socialist imperatives, is now trying to figure out how to make the grumpy, productive northern Europeans pay for the profligacy of the happy, lazy southern Europeans.   It cannot be done.   It will lead to social disorders that have not been seen since Bastille.

Good morning.   Have a great decade.  And....thanks for your attention.
El Gringo Viejo....