Friday, 30 September 2011

Mexico Between Now and the July Presidential Elections

     Time has come and we are at that astrological point governed by the Planet Dufus and the Constellation Gobbledegoock, permitting both the United States of America and the Estados Unidos Mexicanos to try to elect something resembling a president and various other important people.
      Much will be made of the fact that Mexico has had a "violent drug war" which has managed to have caused the deaths of 45,000 people "since President Calderon was elected...."   or "since President Calderon plunged Mexico into its present chaos".    Since Felipe Calderon Hinojosa is a member of the Partido de Accion Nacional...(re:  Republican)...the Mainstream Media has to point out that bad things happen when Republicans are involved.
      The press will also laud the present President of the USA for having "kept the United States safe....the Border safe....from spill-over violence".    Because of the efforts of the eminently qualified and competent  Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder, and of course the President...the United States have not had to suffer any of the fall-out from what is happening just across the Rio Grande. (???)
       For some reason or another, the "drug war' in the United States actually is resulting in about 25,000/year people being killed in home invasions, street-corner domain disputes, gang violence, and the general torpor and depravity associated with the illegal drug and marijuana trade since the ordination of Father O'bamaham. It did not start with him, and it certainly will not end eith his departure.   We in the United States are a bit ahead of what is going on in Mexico in per capita per year actuarials.     But the beam in our eye is a designer beam so its at least somehow better than their mote.
      All of this has been stated before here on this site.  We have also pointed out that many of the people who compose the numbers cited are not actually people one might wish to have heading up the local church choir or Boy Scout troop in your neighbourhood.
      Quite frankly we lament only the innocents and the honest, to somewhat honest, police and those Mexican Soldiers and Naval Infantrymen  which compose about 10% of the 45,000 or so who have been lost.  In the United States, one need only watch a few episodes of The First 48 and other such programs to see what corners our addictions and the public assistance programs and the lack of a catechism...any catechism, Protestant or Orthodox.... has had upon large....huge...swaths of our demography.   It is almost a waste of space here to comment about where we have arrived when three people will gun down in cold blood four other people over an issue like 10 pounds of marijuana.    Then it is a further waste of space here to express consternation that an entire public housing project's population avoids assisting the forces of order in trying to bring any process of justice to bear on the issue.
     The OROGs know that El Gringo Viejo lathers up on this issue every now and then, but it is coming around again.   A report has been prepared and will be issued to the public soon that will declare definitively that "spill-over violence" associated with the organised elements involved with the trafficking of marijuana and illegal narcotics and illegal aliens is present....has been present....and will continue to grow throughout the United States.    The study includes the participation of two high-ranking United States Army General Officers (retired) among others.   It is a fairly measured and substantially accurate report and analysis.
       The Old Gringo's point has always been that "spill-over" has been with us for 40 years.   It does not originate in Mexico.  It comes from all over the world through Canada and Mexico.   It is not my fault or your fault.   It is, however, the harvest of the seeds of self-indulgence and lack of self-discipline on the part of the popular American culture.   The Old Gringo is content with the notion that there are enough very fine vices with beer, wine, whiskey, liqueurs, liquors, and tobaccos to please and/or make fools of us all, without these other things that will more quickly destroy, devastate, and dement us into perdition and that have no contribution to our health.   Has anyone ever smelled the difference between a really, really fine cigar and the way crack and crank smell? 

     In Mexico, the conservative PAN party is committed to the on-going and very real War against the cartels and the direct and indirect influence over Mexican society.    The centrist PRI, the Old Grey Lady of the Mexican political scene, is pretty much in the position of going along with a continuation of the military efforts against the cartels and their adjuncts with some tweeking here and there.   The extreme left Partido Revolucionario Democratico - PRD has stated that they will make peace with the cartels and allow them to go about their business since they only damage the United States and did not cause any damage to Mexico until the present President of Mexico decided that he personally wanted to take over the drug trade.   So...

     This will be an interesting period of paralleling campaigns for the next few months.   They will be full of sound and fury, that is certain.   If they signify anything remains to be seen.

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El Gringo Viejo