Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mr. O'Bama, Truth is Smear...Fight the Smears....?

Dear Mr. O'bama,

      There is a guy with your same surname who says he is president of all 57 States that compose this once great nation.    He was out on the hustings yesterday talking about how the children cannot learn in bad buildings without this and that.   How children have to have new, shovel ready schools and government feeding programs, year 'round.   Otherwise they just can't learn.
      Perhaps you might know him or you might be related to him.   I understand he has blood relatives living in public housing and on stamps in Boston, Massachusetts.
      Hmmmm....Stamps? tea tax stamps imposed by the British Parliament and King George III...?     OH!  No...nonononono....FOOD STAMPs....How silly of me.   The first Tea Party wasn't about Food was about tea tax Boston Harbour...I forgot.  

      I beg your  forgiveness, because I was trained up in primary and secondary in un-airconditioned schools with a leaky roofs and minimal heating.    My mother studied in the hills in Tennessee in even lesser circumstance.   My grandfather had three grades of school in Pennsylvania, taught by a tutor in her home along with three other children.   He learned two trades by apprenticeship and had read the totality of two encyclopedias and the King Jame's Unabridged and a large collection of American and British authors, as well as other selections by non-English language authors, by the age of 15.   My mother's mother taught school in Tennessee with whites, Negroes, and Indians in the same one room school...essentially an antebellum hewn log cabin... six different grades and 13 different children.    All completed their studies later on and had high school diplomas and went on to trades and professions.     The relatives mentioned in this paragraph were all highly literate, eloquent in speech, and possessed marvelous reasoning capacity and handwriting style.
      Some say that guy with your same surname sees schools only as a system for egalitarian indoctrination and the forcing of a bolshevik socialist agenda on a trapped audience.   Some have observed that those who are intended to be destroyed are forced at the point of a gun to pay for the poisoning of the children who will destroy the same people who are paying for the poisoning.

     Oh!   You ARE the same guy....?    With all those relatives from Kenya, DWI, public assistance, and all.... within sight of the original Tea Party?    Wowsers, Batman....I hope you can change that picture....there are a lot of people who hope to have enough audacity to call you what you are, then.
       Please tell us that you are not laughing up your sleeve.   You wouldn't push for school funding and "Save the Teachers" programs just to dump money into the Godzilla Monster National Education Association which doubles as a source of campaign contributions for
Democrat Party socialist initiatives and destroy-America-first programs.   You aren't really that same person are you?   It must be somebody else.   No one would be stupid enough to vote for anyone who would say something as specious and banal as "hope and change" without seeking a definition of what the person saying such a specious and banal slogan meant by such a phrase.

THE O'BAMA PLEDGE OF Allegiance, Recognition, and Commitment

I kinda, like, you know
Recognize that it's a flaggy thing
Of a racist, imperialist country of sorts,
And to admit, what everybody already knows,
That we have been the source of all evil for generations,
Enslaving billions, hating people of colour, poisoning the earth,
Offending Mother Nature and all oppressed people.
We remember,  we lean forward.
Fundamental Transformation forever!
No justice? No Peace!

The New Pledge
There are No Angels, There are No Devils