Monday, 26 September 2011

Back from the front....or is it the outback

     We drove back up from the Quinta yesterday to address further issues with the father-in-law's situation.   The drive up was uneventful, the bridge line was mercifully non-existent.    Sundays are extreme days for crossing into the United States.   Sometimes the line are two hours long and other times there is little or no wait.
     Things are well and good at our place and the surrounding area.   Considerable rain, a good cropping season for the citrus, sorghum, peppers, corn, and the like.
        The animals are all there, still spoiled, still with their same pecking orders and personalities.

       Perhaps our biggest problem was the fact that our potable water system has cut back on the time of delivery from 4 or 5 hours beginning at one or two PM, starting and maintaining a good flow which begins to weaken during the last now starting promptly at 3PM with very strong pressure and continuing in that manner for about an hour and fifty minutes.     The same amount of water might be being delivered.   The cistern fills very quickly, but watering the gardens has become something like a scene out of an old Charlie Chaplin movie with the Keystone Cops.

      A lot of things happened during the Old Gringo's time away.   During the next few hours there will be a lot of communication with the family, back and forth, and preliminary planning for exigencies.   During quieter moments efforts will be made to collect and process thoughts and impressions and transfer it all to the OROG community.
El Gringo Viejo