Thursday, 1 September 2011

Call Congress to Session...The Crown Deigns to Speak. We have returned from our vacation.

What a peculiar mixture of Royalty and Bolshevik

      O'bama is not an American.
     No, I do not mean anything about his birth certificate. I mean he is not an American in many other senses. He is not an American Negro in the sense that Booker T. Washington or Jesse Owens or the Platters or Willie Mays might bring to mind asa concept of an American Negro.
      His Negroness comes from an absent father who was a Kenyan, a communist, an anti-colonialist. His father was a hater of white people, of America, of Great Britain, of women, of white women, and of paternal or any other type of responsibility.
      His Caucasian characteristics are determined by a maternal line that moved as far away from America as possible, and still be in it. Hawai'i is famous for being a neat place to live and surf, a neat place to vacation, a great place to put a western Naval Base of Operations, and it was full of communists who had money. His mother's parents were commies who had least enough money to move to paradise and hang around without workiing. So, his white-side was one which provided him a pinko, private education and wormed him into preferential race-based placement at prestigious, pinko, private universities. It hand-connected him into the ultra-pinko echelons of the ultra-corrupt Democrat political machine in the decayed culture of Chicago.

      So, his hard drive was defective. He is an un-published "law school professor" at two university levels, had books written totally by ghosters....communist terrorist ghosters....speeches chiseled into the unseen workings of unaccomplished political career which bespoke of a Bolshevik mole trying to "blend in" just like a "real American".     How does one spell "voted present" in Russian?

           The people who flew Elian back to "liberty" and a loving father in Cuba are the same ones who birthed up this National Socialist mobster from the bowels of the Chicago sewer system. He is not Black....He is not American....He is a Red.