Monday, 8 August 2011

The Standard and Poor's stock market index fell 6.66%, Timmy

Don't worry, little people who don't really matter, We have
everything under control.   We will take care of you.  We
know best.   It's all the Tea Baggers' fault, and we're having
Mr. Holder, Miss Napolitano, and the IRS take care of them
right now.

     There are a broad body of social security recipients who are not afraid of you, Timmy.  Your sly, side-wise glint at the interviewer looked like some kind of bad imitation of a bad imitation actor, acting in a bad imitation gangster film.   When you were asked about "Granny's" social security check, and whether or not you could guarantee that "Granny" would be able to count on her check after the 2nd of August,  the Old Gringo will never forget, in the few years he has left, your sneaky little half-smile....and your heart-rending confession that there was no way you could guarantee such a thing....if the Republicans put their political interests over the necessities of "Granny". 
     Timmy, you were so heroic.   Just hours later, your boss, Barry, would equal the thuggery you put into play by sending out his inspiring and dedicated spokespeople to make sure that if the Tea Party would not okay tax increases on those who make too much money...who don't need that extra money...then Kwanzaa would be a very sad holiday for a lot of coloured children.    The White House heavyweights had to make sure that the "American People" knew that the Tea Party was going to take Kwanzaa away from the children.
      Then, the defenders of good and polar bears, all the minions of enlightenment trundled out to tell the press that rich, white Republicans prefer gridlock to Government Inspection of ground turkey meat.    And these same Republicans also want cities to do away with police protection and fire departments so that Granny will die, starving to death, being beaten by a thug, during a fire, while her grandchildren have to eat from old cans of dog food for Kwanzaa Eve supper.    All Republicans are rich, white people who want to take the poor people's money and benefits, and let them starve to death in the dark, in pain, and misery, and that goes double for poor people who are old, children, and minorities: we are this told by the Barry and MSM, on a daily basis.
        There are still a small minority of people in parts of the country that do not matter to important people like you and Barry, Timmy.   The geezers among them frequently do not see their social security check as a favour deigned by an omnipotent, beneficent entity to be given as a crumb for which we must grovel and be grateful.    There are those of us who see the program as the Ponzi scheme that it is...along with Medicare, which was sold to geezers as "free medical care", paid for by "the government".    There are those of us who use it, because we paid into it.   If it all goes away tomorrow, there are those of us who will say, "Thank all the Saints in Heaven", because we know that our children and grandchildren and all their descendants will be freed from the bondage of government largess....of "free money" from Washington.
        There are those of us who know that obesity is caused by  diets and artificial sugar.   There are those of us who know that a helping crutch always leads to weakened muscles.   There are those of us who know that when there is "free money" to be had, prices rise and hucksters arrive.   There are those of us who know that paying for children who are born without support will lead to the production of children who are born without support.
          There are those of us who know that one-third of all social security monies are spent at the casinos and in the purchase of lottery tickets.   There are those of us who know that 1/1oth of all social security monies are sold at a discount for the purpose of buying things that need to be bought with cash.
        You see, Timmy, we know that you are a slimy little thug.   We know that you are unqualified for almost any position of trust.   We know that by your own admission you are either incompetent at basic bookkeeping, a liar, or a thief....or all three.     We know that you cannot answer basic questions about the United States Constitution during Congressional hearings.
   You know that you are above rules that apply to "other people" ...because you are important.....and superior.   You must be important because you hang around with other incompetent, lying, arrogant thugs on Wall Street, in the White House, you can curse in mixed company in the grossest way,  and you hate Jews, believe in "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need" like important people do.   And, to repeat, you are also an incompetent, lying, arrogant, thief like the rest of the people around you who are vieing to be the new Himmler or Goebbels or Goering or Hess to this newest occupant of the Throne of the Maximum Great Eternal Beloved Leader of the Socialist Utopia of  Enat Hager.

      The market fell again, to-day, Timmy.   Standard and Poor's index fell by the odd amount of 6.66% .   Time for me to go, Timmy.  Granny might find my cat-food tin, and she can't have any.   It's mine...I like seafood delight and she can't have any.
Your humble and grovelling servant....
El Gringo Viejo