Monday, 8 August 2011

Open Letter to Conservatives

Welcome and hello;

 (1)    The present President of the United States is and has been dedicated to the total destruction of America as a viable entity.
          Stop buying or believing the notion that the President must "learn" this or that....or that the President "needs to see"....or that the President "has to change" or that the President "must create jobs".
     The present occupant of the office is dedicated to the "fundamental transformation of the United States."   He sees everything from a marxist point of view....always has....always will.   His high school in Hawai'i, his training at university, his dedications after university..ACORN attorney....Jeramiah Wright "church" attendance, his friends and associates at every turn have brought him to where is is and has chosen to be.   He has been and continues to be a marxist, nihilist, Jew-hater, anti-free enterprise, and a believer in absolute revolution from the left....expropriations, executions and imprisonment of enemies of the Revolution, nationalisation of business, industry, labour unions.  Co-opting of churches, institutions, and the arts are all goals ofthis president and his minions.  
   He and they are building upon a thirty year preparatory "softening up" period we have been going through, courtesy of and by the popular culture and the mainstream media.
     Everything the president has done to this point has been directed by his credo....hate America....destroy America....incite the poor, the blacks, the slack-jawed mentally dull, violence-prone labour union thugs....while saying things every now and then that are written in a dim room of Disneyland's Fantasyland world.   "We need to come together" ..."We need to tone down the rhetoric".."We need to seek compromise"...."We need to all stop thinking in partisan terms"....   BUT, those of us with an attention span of longer than 14 seconds know it is the president who says "The Cambridge police behaved stupidly"....It is the president who immediately violates his own admonitions about civility at each intersection of the public discourse.   He always accuses his opponents of doing what he actually does himself.

(2)     It is not the job of the president to create jobs.
         When somebody says "Governor Perry created 100,000 jobs"...."O'bama created 1,000.000 jobs" ..."Reagan created 20,000.000 jobs"....PLEASE, Give Me A Break!!!!     Jobs...employment, aka wage-slavery...can only be created by risks taken by private sector employers.  These jobs an be derived from existing or newly established businesses.    Reagan himself said that his job was to get the government and he, himself, out of the way, and let the Amerian people do what they do best....make America the most prosperous place on Earth.
     The word "jobs" is a word used by people of limited intelligence who participate in focus groups.  The Democrats and the president's people know that the vast majority of their potential voters are of limited intellectual ability.   They also know that these potential voters are full of vitriol and hatred for anyone who has anything more, bigger, better, or newer.   They live mainly in a pyschological zone of entitlement, bitterness, sloth, and envy compounded with the problem that they have little or no ability to think critically.
      Yes, I mean it.   They are led around by the nose by poofy elites, by Oprah and Imitation Oprahs, by politicians who know the tax, tax, spend, spend, elect, elect process.   Nancy Pelosi does not give a floomdoofle about the "urbans".  She only wants them to vote for more "income transfer" so that she can live by her vineyard and keep up with her monthly face-lift schedule.

       POLITICIANS DO NOT CREATE JOBS.   THEY SUCK UP DOLLARS FROM DUMBOES WHO PAY TAXES.   PUBLIC WORKERS DO NOT CREATE JOBS, THEY LIVE OFF THE TAXES PAID BY DUMBOES.   THERE IS NO SUCH CONCEPT SUCH AS 'PUMP PRIMING' OR 'INVESTING IN INFRASTRUCTURE' THAT ACTUALLY WORKS AS IT IS SOLD.   FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT DID NOT SAVE AMERICA FROM THE GREAT DEPRESSION.   HE and his marxist engineers protracted the Depression with the brilliant schemes like calf-slaughtering and milk-can emptying in the streets, projects brought to America by people like Harold Ickes, Sr. that were actually in force during the murderous rampage of Stalin against the Georgian farmers.  Only World War II cured the Great Depression.

(3)    Please let us realise that this president is not "wrong".
        He is right on path.  He is intentionally doing that which is intended to destroy America.   There can be no compromise with him and/or his allies.   They will not compromise with us....they intend to enslave our children and steal our assets. It is that simple.    Remember that we have a "ranking senator" who was nominated to be the Democrat candidate for the presidency by a child pornographer who lied about the information leading to his being awarded a Silver Star for Gallantry under fire....and who also recommended that same award for that same senator.   This is the value these people have for America.
        And the very important, ranking Democrat Senator, who speaks French, and served in Viet Nam,  calls the Tea Party dumboes "terrorists" and "suicide bombers"?
     There is one thing for certain, Mr. Important Senator.   If two rallys were held side by side, one with Republicans and Tea Party Dumboes, and the other with Democrats, Union members, and ACORN people, there would only be one that would need to be repaired and/or cleaned up of litter, pampers, filth, garbage, graffiti, and narcotic paraphernalia.    You choose which one.

Finally, this racial thing.   Old Gringo will assure the Earth....and all you extraterrestrials out there...(and all others concerned) that if O'bama's peoples' racist elements were removed from his coming vote total and the rightwing, Republicanoids were to have their racist elements removed, and neither side's racist elements could vote, then the outcome would be 70 - 30 in favour of the Republicanoids.   
     By the way....the Republicans added two Latino seats and two African American seats to the Lower House and one Latino seat to the Upper House during the 2010 Congressional elections.....THE  DEMOCRAT PARTY ADDED NONE.  Tick-tock, tick-tock.
More Later
El Gringo Viejo