Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Not an I Told You So, but....

     This is genuinely not an "I told you so moment"....but rather it is a question.
That question being,  If we are so stupid, and the Tea Party people are so stupid, and the rightwing economic nuts are so stupid, and it the Conservatives and non-bi-partisan people are so stupid so as to not wish to compromise, then  why is it that when the above-named people predict that such and such will almost always does.?

     Senator John Kerry, in his wisdom, says that the Standard and Poor's downgrade is effectively a "Tea Party Downgrade".   However, if the the entire Congress would have passed the proposal passed by the Lower House of Congress....cut,cap, and balance.... and if the President had signed said Act, there would have been no downgrade.
      The Old Gringo, who is certainly one of the racist, extremist,  stupid, unreasonable, dogmatic, uncompromising terrorists holding the American people hostage, is not the certain type of war hero that the Senator from Massachusetts senior senator is.    The Old Gringo is not married to a profane sow, earned his Honorable Discharge, and has earned every scar of failure and every slight bit of success on his own.
      The question genuinely is....If the Old Gringo and several million other Dumboes who own guns and think that 2 plus 2 is equal to is it that we get it right?   Why do the experts and the arrogant, socialist elitists always get it wrong?    They have more information of a more specific nature.   Hillary's daughter and Nancy Pelosi's granddaughter  worked in the Hedge Fund Teapot Dome....the latter girl scoffing at the people who were not prospering, because, as she pointed out, "I'm making big money and doing very little.  Making big money is easy."   She was saying this in reference to stories about how a lot of people were not benefitting from the "flip this house" and general financial bubble brought on by FHA and FmHA corruption.
        The granddaughter has since been trucked off someplace with a surgical mask glued to her face. 
         The question is answered, "This goes on because we are being manipulated by National Socialists, Statists, and disconnected Capitalists who will play the whore to any government subsidy, and make the productive class pay for it".    This is all theatre, and there is no intention to balance, pay down, or solve anything.   The Big Business people, save perhaps for Jack Welsh, like the idea of government contracts and underpinnings.   The "consumers" like the idea of "free obamamoney" and the slobs making 20,000 to 2,000,000 dollars a year on their own get to pay for it.
       There can be no compromise, really, if we want the Republic to survive.   The Riots in London...the riots everywhere...Greece,  all over Europe,Red China, Israel, Arabia, Philadelphia, Allis/Milwaukee....everywhere   come from the 666 people who have been born on the dole.   They see themselves as perpetual victims and entitled to other people's wealth and possessions.   If they cannot expropriate other people's money and things by legal means (taxation) they will steal said possessions and money.   It they cannot steal said money and possessions they will destroy same.   Once a person receives and/or is born into the dole, he almost always winds up hating himself and then he comes to hate those whom he sees as being capable of putting him (as he sees it) in the position of being beholding "to them that has when he has naught".

From each according to his ability
and to each according to his need
     It is not we, the unwashed extremist dumboes, who are the racists.   It is the "progressives" who have purposefully and cold-bloodedly destroyed most of one entire race of people in the United States by appealing to and accommodating their lesser proclivities.    Doing this has guaranteed a body of eternal votes, as do all socialist "welfare" programs.     Do me one favour in weighing the validity of our words...those of us who are stupid and backwards thinking"..."against the minorities"...."against the poor"...  Who is the better person or condition?    Booker T. Washington or Al Sharpton?   George Washington Irving or  Jesse Jackson?    Nat King Cole or Puke Puppy N***** Killah?   Heck, even Ray Charles..... or Ho Bangah and the Baby Muthahs?
      Have you all ever studied images of the Blacks during the 1950s and early to mid-1960s?    Real performers...sometimes showy, sometimes sedate.  But God Save Us please.....we were not saints....but those people compared to now? There is no way to is a different Universe.
These are audio clips from a different Universe.   The Old Gringo
realizes this is a bit primitive....but imagine the extreme normalcy.

     And now the Old Gringo returns to close and then to retire to make a bit of lunch.    Since we are upper-income people, we cannot take an Air Force jet to Oregon with mother-in-law and daughter in tow to enjoy a bit of a well-earned rest up from our exhausting vacation in South Africa....and our vacation in Spain.....I mean .... being proud of your country for the first time in your adult life is really tiring.
      The Old Gringo reminds....if he can figure out these developments  both on a very long-term basis and on a very short-term basis...then who is fooling whom?   If the mean old conservative, non-compromising Republicans can figure it out....why can't the people who "really care" about women's issues, and minority issues, and polar bear issues figure it out?   And the correct answer is because the ones who act like they care don't, and the ones who seem not to care, are the ones who actually sincerely do.
      The ones who act like they care are the ones who survive upon the programs and the votes that perpetuate this Road to Serfdom.

Off to more important things.   Thanks for your kind attention and investment of time.   Your bill is in the mail.
El Gringo Viejo