Friday, 5 August 2011

More Success

The Mexican Army and the Naval Infantry have officially confirmed the extermination of the leader and leadership of the Nuevo Laredo cell of the ZETA group.  They also captured, in Saltillo,  the cell's  chief financial officer who had all the account keys to bank accounts (probably in Saltillo, Monterrey , McAllen, Nuevo Laredo, Laredo, San Antonio, Houston,  Mexico City, San Luis Potosi, Panama' City, Caracas, and Habana).  They also killed 30 members of the cartel during the 2 week sweep, liberated 212 people being held for ransom or "increased service charges'" who were being detained in safe houses.   The also captured over one-thousand arms, none of which could be traced to the United States or to gun stores in Texas nor were they in good repair, and 45 motor vehicles.
     Mexican Armed Forces suffered one dead (a hero), six wounded to require medical intervention (also heroes) and six military vehicles damaged or destroyed.    These figures are corroborated by on the ground observers. 

      Sixty-three tons of marihuana, 900 pounds of methamphetamine, 140 pounds of cocaine, and 100 pounds of Mexican black tar and Colombian brown heroin were also captured and will be destroyed next weekend in a public place.

       Similar reports are expected for the Military sweeps in Reynosa and Matamoros.   Those reports will be finalized and made public in the coming days.  Once again, the military is giving the credit to good information being forwarded to them by the "anonymous denunciation" telephone and cyber links.

Just an up-date that you all deserve.    Our area around Cd. Victoria has been very quiet...very dull and boring for a good while now.    Still much to be done, but we are heading on the right road and in the right direction.

Thanks for your time and attention.
El Gringo Viejo