Sunday, 3 July 2011

It ain't Necessarily So....


Saturday, July 2, 2011 |

To begin, it would be nice to say Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas since that is where Nuevo Laredo is.  An official announcement by the State should at least recognize that Nuevo Laredo, the site of the World's largest land port in terms of weight volume and dollar value, is in a State.    The announcement that the warning is extended to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico is something akin to saying Oklahoma City, America.   It bespeaks of a lack of true familiarity and understanding concerning the very topic about which the announcement concerns itself.
     Secondly, it would be nice for the State of Texas to officially recognize the efforts on the part of the Mexican Armed Forces in this War, which is being won.    The State of Texas should carefully avoid discussing the mote in the eye of its neighbour when bearing a beam in its own eye. would be appreciated if the law enforcement and politician "community" just stop! Stop saying that "....we are making certain that there is no "spill over  violence".    SPILL OVER VIOLENCE IS EVERYWHERE IN TEXAS.
           Snickering professors who make light of drug usage in our universities.   The steading bearing and breeding of fatherless, soul-less thugs and slugs who daily and nightly have shoot outs on our streets and saloons and shopping centers and neighbourhoods.....paid for by politicians who want to outdo each other in the feeding, housing, and generally larding up of an underclass of soul-less thugs and slugs who value no life, not even their own.    In Hidalgo County alone, during the past week there have been 10 killings...two nights ago an 82 year old woman in her home stabbed to death....nothing unusual.
     We are over-run with slime, cockroaches, sub-human septic sludge that live parasitically....either stolen goods, drug trafficking, or on food stamps, section 8, WIC, stolen SSI and/or SS checks, AFDC, and the whole cascade of goodies given by the Socialist Democrats and their poofy "conservative" Republican lackey friends who think that "responding to Hispanic issues" means feeding throngs of slugs in schools where 50% cannot read or write at graduation and could care less.
       Strutting around talking about "making sure that spill-over violence doesn't come into Texas" is like saying "I sure am glad we have all the security issues at Fort Hood taken care of.   We wouldn't want any of them there Islamic radicals to go on any of them there shootin' sprees."
       It would be best to establish a working relationship with the regular Ejercito Mexicano and the  Infantria Naval de la Armada de Mexico.    They are the ones who strap on the uniforms, patrol out;   search, contact, and destroy.  They are the ones who face the bullets daily of the cockroaches, fighting to remove this cancer from Mexico and the United States.

      Call me in the morning with the body count of Gringos in Nuevo Laredo.   The number of Americans killed by soul-less welfare scum, drug addicts, and other malefactors in the United States exceeds 240,000 for the last four years.   Of those 240,000 individuals, about 100,000 were like you and me.   People innocent of the affairs involving drug trafficking and "turf wars".    The other 140,000 people think that their next fix is more important than some old woman's life....besides, you know, she had lived too long anyway, and the septic, welfare-spawn really needed his fix.

     In the early 1950s my mother took the Census.   It was a position in South Texas that was taken by "the correct people" and those enumerators were very thorough, very industrious people, almost all of them were of independent means.   My mother came across an elderly Latin couple out on one of the old Ranches.   They were colonial people and delighted in showing some of their old family documents, pre-1836, Republic of Texsas period, Confederate service records, Loyalty Oath to the Reconstruction Government, Discharge from Spanish American War, etc.    The little old lady was almost blind, and the husband was 99% blind.   My mother said, "You should go down and qualify for your Texas State Assistance to the Blind.   It's 9.00 dollars a month, and in comes in handy."
       The old man said, "Yo soy Mexicano...y a mi, nadien mas quien yo mismo me mantiene.  Nunca, jamas, me van a hacer un esclavo a estos programas de asistencia publica.  Prefiero la muerte que la limosna."    Which stated in English is,  "I am a Mexican...and, one other than I the same, maintains me. Never, forever never, are they going to make me a slave to public assistance.  I prefer Death to Alms (charity)."

Please forgive the Old Gringo's song of lamentations.    I shall try to recover and send out some recipes tomorrow.    To-night I am going to play my favourite album from "Tiny Tim Sings "Tip-toe Through the Tulips" with Barney Frank and Jeramiah Wright.    Send your contributions for the "Fund to Restore the good ship 'Audacity of Hope"' for its next sailing to re-supply the people of Occupied Gaza....(strictly a peaceful relief effort to ameliorate the starvation and genocide caused by the Zionist Occupation).

El Gringo Viejo

ps.   We recommend the source "Borderland Beat".  Most of my information comes from personal contact and from Spanish language sources, but Borderland Beat is the best summary and collection and analysis in English that I have run across.   Do not read anything from Associated Press, McKlaskey, Rueters, or any local or national news broadcaster thinking that you are learning anything  reliably factual about much of anything, especially Mexico.

pps.    Can you all believe that those commies actually named their "relief ship" the 'Audacity of Hope'?