Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Teeing Off on Everybody

     Mexico is a fascinating place.   The people are a fascinating people.   As I have said quite frequently, whenever you hear somebody say "All Mexicans are...." it is necessary to disengage the auditory system and move on.    Because, like Americans, all Mexicans are the same except for the ones who are different.
     Right now, the Old Gringo has a bone to pick with more than a few.   Soccer people, no matter how one might slice the pie, are pretty much metric, mumpy, glumpyflumps.     They can be entertained apparently by watching a bunch of effeminate boys run back and forth and back and forth for days and days and weeks at a time while avoiding the mishap of kicking a ball into a fairly large designated area.   If they would simply score the game on how many balls go to one side, or over the net, then it would be more interesting.  It would give the "boys" more opportunities to hug and smooch and roll around in the grass with each other in front of the world.    During the last two Mundiales de Futbol...the goalee (0r is it goalor?) for Mexico looked as if his "uniform" had been tailored by Liberace from the grave.    There was no rule against a goalperson defending his/her goal while in drag, so...who am I to judge?
      In any regard, the deportment of the Mexican fans in Los Angeles demonstrates a boorishness and lack of class that is stunning.   The conduction of the post-game ceremonies in Spanish, and not in English, was a particularly egregious breach of civility and respect.     The same fools who booed the American team and made obscene, threatening, and degrading chants, cheers, and other mostrations were in the basement of the same septic tanque as the Brit Hooligans....trash living off the Queen's dole.....who made themselves famous for rioting and throwing pub darts into the crowds below them.   They also made themselves famous for dispensing with the idea of going to a restroom when there were perfectly good bleachers and stands available.
      Well, the Mexican and neo-nationalist psuedo-Mexicans who made fools of themselves in Los Angeles at least did not throw darts and the like, but they did do dishonor to the concept of friendship and neighbourliness.    Perhaps I am a hopeless dreamer....but I do call attention to the famous line of President Benito Juarez Garcia....Mexico's first great progressive President and only Indian President....who said "El respeto al derecho a lo ajeno es la Paz"....."The respect to the rights of another's possession (or person) is the Peace".   Nice words....uttered as a warning to the United States....
       These people come in second place, because when a bunch of people come into my country and act like white-trash, I can consider the source.    The first place goes to upper caste, intellectual Mexicans who come into the official residence of the President and proceed to upbraid him and hold him personally responsible for their grief.....for the loss of a near relative.   "If it weren't for you we would not have lost our son"...."You have no right to do this to us"....The grief is one thing.   The loss of dignity, the irrational blaming of anyone standing around reminds me of people suing after failing in an attempt to brush their teeth with a chainsaw.
       Unlike O'bama, I do not fault the wealthy for being wealthy.   I do not hate them nor do I bear jealousy for their fortune.    But there are those, and Mexicans I will tell you are very polished in this attitude, who absolutely believe that anything bad that happens is required by natural law to happen to "someone else".    They do not wait for anyone, they do not hold doors open for the people coming behind, they expect everyone to be on time except for they themselves, they despise "los morenos" (the brown people), they are incensed if they are stopped for driving through a red light.
       Somehow, with all the peculiar violence going on....all the lives being ruined by the trafficking of drugs, by the sale of drugs, by the taking of drugs, and with all the corruption of the civilization it has brought to Mexico and the United States,  to these people it is only important when one of their's is killed or wounded.   They blame this untoward imposition upon their privilege on the same people who are trying to save their position, their wealth and property, and their favoured status as "important people", those being the Mexican Armed Forces.
      The Old Gringo speaks to the soccer bums, the rich, arrogant, socialist intellectuals who demand protection from the masses and then condemn those who provide that protection.....and advises,  Enough!   Enough of saying that America must learn to treat Mexico as an equal in the fraternity of nations.    It is time that Mexico mature to its position as the 10th most powerful economy in the world.   It is time that Mexico not lecture the United States about immigration issues, when their beam is considerably larger than the American mote.

      Oddly enough the OROGs might think that this manic-depressive episode represents a change from what many consider the Old Gringo's normally pro-Mexican positions....Allow me to repeat...repeat all over again...that the Old Gringo is not "Pro-Mexican" or "Pro-Mexico"  like a blind man searching for the exit door in the theatre at midnight.    The Old Gringo is a fair and impartial judge of things Mexican.   Sometimes a man has to tell his brother or sister...."You going to have to stop this!" and that does not make the man an enemy of his brother or sister.     Likewise, pointing out good, positive, and worthwhile things being done by, or going on in Mexico does not require that the Old Gringo check his ability to hold the scale of reason constant and accurate.

     El Gringo Viejo is not done yet....later this afternoon, once he gets the Sopwith Camel filled with high-test and loaded up for another bombing run, he will drop a few more bombs.    If a bomb falls in deep South Texas, does anybody hear the explosion?

Thanks for your time and attention.
El Gringo Viejo