Wednesday, 8 June 2011

     All OROGs are advised to re-review the webpage for the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre..   There have been a few tweekings and fiddlings that might be of interest.   It is 90% the same, but completely different as Yogi would say.   We are taking advantage of a bit of a falloff in activity to prepare the way when the star again appears in the West.
      One thing that is a bit funny is that we try to fix the old "manor house" of the Hacienda de La Vega section of the Quinta Tesoro de Sierra Madre's website (down towards the end), and sometimes it disappears, or moves, or jiggles a bit and "loosens up" the script at times.   The house has a few ghost stories associated with it that even the family takes a bit seriously.   Perhaps the ghostly resident(s) either like or dislike having the picture of the house on the webpage.
       It was built, for one thing, where a trouble-maker during the expropriations in the late 1920's led a bit of an armed action wherein several people were killed and wounded.  It is said that that is the reason for the location of the Ejido Cemetery very close by.    All of the expropriations were finished by the early 1940's.    The hauntings, however, began around the house almost immediately with its finishing in 1934.
More later.   Thanks for the interest.   Remember to send five dollars and three questions on a note card to Sister Maria.
The Old Gringo