Thursday, 9 June 2011

Hope and Change Comes to Cleveland

Days after being mentioned by President Obama when he visited Toledo, New Chet's Restaurant on East Manhattan Boulevard will close Sunday. The owner said he blames the economy and the smoking ban.
We have to say good-bye to this little family run operation.   Barry used it as a prop to demonstrate how effective his 3,000,000,000,000 in stimulus and union-funding initiatives.     Like the lady who said " I is living out of my car" and he appointed some staff members to find her a job and a place to live....(never happened)....or the other lady who said that she was waiting to see something positive based on her vote for hope and change.....she lost her job a few weeks later when the artificial prop stimulus money ran out.....and on...and on.    Perhaps Barry could have gotten those ladies to work as maids and servants for his illegal alien Auntie who continues to live under complete subsidy....apartment, food, utilities, spending money, etc. in New Jersey.
       Barry pointed out that this little restaurant was saved because of Chrysler becoming part of the national socialist bailout.    Even the Washington Post said that recent claims of Chrysler's repayment record were essentially fraudulent.