Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Things We Cannot Talk About


       It is a bit unfair, but it is the truth.    When one hears about an American being hurt or damaged in Mexico.....I lament pointing this out.....it is normally a person who was doing something he ought not to have been doing.During recent months there have been various stories about Americans who have been killed, injured, or somehow molested by events occuring in Mexico.    Some of these stories have been told, more or less forthrightly...others have not.     The total number....with what remains a relatively strong tourism industry (mainly along the coasts and in retirement hideaways)....has been 10 or 12 individuals to this point for 2011.
       The story accessed by the link above is much more common....both for foreign visitors and for Americans.   It is the result of AFDC, Section 8, Housing and Urban Development Community Block grants and local housing authorities building instant free ghettos, food stamps, WIC, Head Start, SSI, and a hundred other public assistance programs that have united to foist the progeny of Hell upon our once-favoured Nation.
       I did a bit of checking around on the two Brits who were murdered by the sub-human scum.....and they were the quintessential "square blokes"...having a good time....accomplished....generous....civilized, etc.    A night of hobnobbing and flirting with pub girls.....a fairly normal activity for hormone driven young male tourists....was rewarded with a very peculiar welcome by the gang in the projects.    And the project where the gang was centered is somewhat famous for being a cut above....a bit better than the other Hell-Holes.

       A hearty thank you to the Democrats, socialists, anti-American, unrestrained immigration advocates, welfare promoting, inventors of the concept of "Baby Mother", egalitarian psychopaths.   And also to the Republican pantywaists who talk a good conservative, social responsibility game, but who wind up voting for the compromise bill that will allow some 16 year old Baby Mothers a place to put her Baby into Head Start, her WIC, her Stamps, her Section 8, her electricity "share" card, free lunch for her 3 children, and of course for her mother....who at the ripe old age of 31 has 11 grandchildren..and one of those is already pregnant.     Ah!  Baby Mothers.
       They prey on foreigners as a game.....they and the intellectual elite America haters are quickly destroying America ....quickly.    Last year alone...28,000 murders by people such as this....and not infrequently committed against people such as my people.

Pardon my bile....but my business was cross-border tourism for many, many years and these anti-Samaritan events hit me over the liver.
The Old Gringo....