Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Really Strange

      "The next thing that happens after all the wheels fall off is that you find out that the tire in the trunk is flat"......Confucius

       We went to pick up the mail yesterday and there was only one letter.   It was from the Bailiff of the Federal Court in McAllen.   They want the Old Gringo back again for another jury call starting on the 26th of April.   When we were advised that the previous call was now null, I had thought that it would be another year or two before another such letter would find its way into our mailbox.    But, such is not the case.

       My determination to go ahead and serve remains the same, in any regard, and my reasons are better left unstated for jurisprudential purposes.    So we shall see.    The last cycle wound up being put to rest by all plaintiffs, litigants, defendants, etc. coming to accord by way of  out-of-court negotiations.
      So, here we go again.....and to the extent permitted by the rules established by the court and by the law, the Old Gringo will keep you all abreast of the issues.

Continuing Turmoil:

"I lmpw that the Mexican military will prevail, and put Mexico back on its path to being a grand nation based upon common law and democratic-republican processes."
The Old Gringo

      As was written a couple of days back, the area where the Old Gringo has to drive through several times every couple of months continues to stew in at a slow simmer.    Sometimes the pot boils over and the insane, sub-human organisms who lurk around in the darker shadows of the area reach out and perpetrate another set of unspeakable assaults against the dignity of man.

     There are a couple of points that have come up via questions written in.   The first is a question about the finding of an American citizen among the deceased in the clandestine burial grounds a few miles outside of San Fernando, Tamaulipas.    While the loss of life of all innocents is sincerely lamented, as Americans we are immediately drawn to the loss of a fellow citizen.
      Many folks think that the movement of all people at all times is from south to north.    Such is not the case.   Significant numbers of people who are born in the United States either as "anchor babies" or legitimate children of American-born mothers and/or fathers return to Mexico because of various reasons....usually familial.   A widowed mother,  a family returning to take care of an elderly relative who is somewhat well off, but who would essentially be orphaned without the return of the American family, people who just get tired of where they are in the United States and who return to a family property are some of the categories.    Many Mexican-American servicemen go to Mexico or return to Mexico during their later years.
      And of course there are about 800,000 regular, dumbo Americans like the Old Gringo who reside full or part time in various parts and places of Mexico....yes....even during these days.
       So, since probably 12% of the population of Tamaulipas fits into this category in some way or another, it is not improbable that an American(s) will be found among the dead.    More of the departed will almost certainly  be "Guates" , a loose term used for mestizo and/or Indian persons of Central American citizenship.    The majority will probably be Mexican nacionales.
       It is with a bit of trepidation that I point out that the one American identified so far was identified because of "numerous tatoos".   His mother also informed the media that he had been returning from the central part of Mexico after "delivering several cars to buyers there".      My impressions are best left un-stated concerning the probable profession of this particular individual.
     "But, but...! Old Gringo!....the Bible says 'Thou shalt not judge!".....and, of course the Bible does not say that.    The Bible reveals that the Nazarene spake to the assembled scribes and Pharisees,  saying, ".....He that is  without sin among you , let him cast the first stone".....and I am not judging, but rather I am coming to a reasonable conclusion and my hand holds neither sling nor rock.

     The Next Major Point is simply that more units of both heavy and light infantry are being moved from areas that have become "pacified" and to Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon.   The new deployment is said to be as many as 12,000 effectives.    It is commonly understood that the more confidence the people have that there will be a long and powerful presence of the Army and/or the Naval Infantry the more "anonymous declarations"  will be produced.     The total military force now present in the two States critical to Mexican heavy industry and substantially important in heavy agriculture, import/export, and tourism.....will be almost 50,000 troops.    And these are troops worthy of the name.   They are proficient and unfalteringly un-afraid.

So...with that the Old Gringo will take a siesta.   Back with more later for all faithful OROGs.
The Old Gringo