Sunday, 10 April 2011

Everything's okay, and then the wheels fall off....

     Normally, it is the intent of the Old Gringo to write three or four....more if possible.....entries during my time up in Texas.    This time things were complicated by a problem that Charlie Chaplin could not have choreographed.   Perhaps the Three Stooges....but, you be the judge.
      While typing away with my normal braying and grumping, the television went dead, the computer stopped working, although the rest of the electrical stuff in the house continued to function.    I checked the land-line telephone and it was dead.     So, it was apparent that the TW bundle service had gone North for the Summer.   I waited for a bit.....but by early evening, it was apparent that the service was not coming back on line.   We called the somewhat cumbersome, somewhat effective automated service request line, were connected to a "customer service" person named Stephen, and after he determined that he could not solve the problem, he set a service time.    From Wednesday night, we would have to wait until Saturday, mid-day, to have a technician arrive.      Stephen did say that there was a chance that a solution could be found on Thursday, but if not, we would have to wait until Saturday.
       No solution was found on Thursday.    So, We waited.   Finally Saturday arrived.    Things went fairly close to programming....My technician called to indicate that he was arriving within the next 20 minutes.    He found his way to our little hidey hole in downtown, parked, and presented his credentials.
        I diverge a bit to point out here that whenever we hear a person say "All Mexicans are....." it would be advisable not to listen further, because the speaker is usually a jackass.   My technician's name is Carlos Luis Wong.
       As I passed his identification badge back, I asked if he were part of the Wong family of Reynosa and Tampico...people who are highly regarded in the medical field in Mexico.    He seemed surprized that some old Gringo would know about such things, but did say that many of his family people were and are doctors, both in Reynosa and especially Tampico.   Mr.  Wong does carry a bit of Chinese appearance still, but could have "passed" for any number of ethnicities and even like the Hong Kong folks, of course. 
       Tampico is an important port city, as we know.   Wherever in the world one finds significant ports, especially "between the Tropics", we will encounter a small but important Chinese community.   Sometimes it will be embedded genealogically, but always it will be present in the professions and in heavy commerce....usually industrial cleaning, laundry services, fish procurement, marketting, and processing, and medical professions.    The same can be said for almost all national capitals in Latin America...whether they be coastal or inland.
      In any regard, there is no doubt that my technician was a superior member of the human race.    He was affable, competent, and quick to understand the nature of the problem.   What he diagnosed was stunning. 
        He checked our equipment....all was well.   Then he went we say in the South....around back....and checked out the fixtures and fittings of Time-
Warner's equipment.   Imagine his surprize when he located the problem.   All the connections for Time-Warner existing or potential clients in the area had been disconnected.    This was the result of a couple of contract morons, with a disconnect order for one of our nearby neighbours for the 6th of April...had arrived and, unable to determine which of the leads pertained to our neighbour....had disconnected eight (count 'em....8) Time-Warner cable connections.....I guess just to be on the safe side.      What amazes the Old Gringo even further is that six of these connections were active.....AND WE WERE THE ONLY ONES WHO WHINED AND MOANED TO THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT!!

      In any regard, we are up and running.    It was good to note that I had won another 1,000,000 Irish pounds in the Sweepstakes for the third time this I sent them my various bank account numbers and a couple of my social security numbers so that they couple deposit the money directly to my account.        The Prince of Swamboozi appreciates my helping him during these times of instability in his country.    He wants me to continue to deposit my money in his Swiss bank account #220 - 39A - 9494 (this is a secret account number).     Is it not a wondrous thing to be a member of the World Community?    And...the children....

      And by the way.....For all those who believe in FEMA, Hope, and Change, but not Saint take care of your children...and grandchildren...and I shall take care of mine.

Once again, thank you for your attention, time, and interest.    We shall be making more observations and shipping other news your way during the coming days.
El Gringo Viejo