Monday, 14 March 2011


       These are special times.   The hysteria involving the cement dust seen blowing out from the explosion of hydrogen gas in the outer shell areas of the reactors has given great joy to the anti-American intellectuals who oppose any energy source required by the Great American Economic Engine.
     These are the people who oppose any type of exploration for oil and gas, who oppose the use of coal no matter how cleanly it can be burned, and who even oppose "wind farms" because the birds will be struck, hit, and disturbed, or solar power because it is unsightly and uses strange materials for the storage batteries.
      These same people, however, want us all to buy electric autos, because we know that the stork brings the electricity overnight and feeds it to our little cars that make us feel good about ourselves because we are better than "other people".....the "little, stupid people".....the people who are not "progressive" and who do not care about important things.
      The press people and talking heads are giddy about this new opportunity to assault America and to attempt to drive this great Nation into some kind of 5th World, pre-historic living condition.    After all, everyone knows that all the problems in the world are caused by America.....America is a horrible place....that's why everyone wants to come here....leaving behind the wonderful places where everyone can drink out of an open sewer.     And Cuba....where everyone has free medical care.....that would be closed down in America because the standards do not measure up to a veterinarian clinic standard in almost all cases (party officials have different facilities....or free transportation to Mexico or Canada or Europe for treatment).

      But to my point.    The Japanese people are a clean people.    My father used to joke thusly...."Do you know what a mentally-retarded Japanese person is called?"   The listener would say "No."   To which my father would respond ".....A genius."
       They are a communitarian people, they are clean, they are summarily intelligent, they are dedicated to the idea that they are one with their ancestors, they play baseball, they are industrious and generally honest.
        In a year's time, the Japanese will be nearing completion with the public works and restoration projects and they will be cutting ribbons all over their tiny productive empire.    We, on the other hand,  shall be debating specifics about how to rebuild the World Trade Center because of issues brought up by intentionally hateful anti-American Americans who desire the obliteration of America and the American example of community.     Those Americans will be helped along, of course, by anti-American immigrants who come to this country with the intent of installing the worst characteristics of their old country in order to hasten the ultimate decline of the American Experiment. 
      The word "immigrant", I know, is used incorrectly here, because many of these new "immigrants" are actually colonists and saboteurs.....who arrive here with no intention of becoming that peculiar and particular thing that is an American.   They are "Obama's Aunt".

      The Old Gringo is certain that the Emperor of Japan will speak, the people will listen, the politicians in Japan will become less useless for a while, and they will restore their great nation....relatively quickly.     They play baseball.    It will take a bit, but it will happen.

Batter up!

El Gringo Viejo