Wednesday, 16 February 2011

And Finally....

     This is be a parting shot concerning the issue in San Luis Potosi' and the attempted carjacking that took place earlier this week.  My compere reminded me in a note about how they used to drive around in a rented VW while doing their rounds, servicing Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) accounts.    At other times, while in service to a well known and wealthy industrialist, he reminded me that they drove all around the central part of the Republic in an old Ford for many, many miles and many, many episodes.     My compere had certain expertise in evaluating pumps, valves, and gauges which led to other industrial aptitudes that served him and his family well for many years.
      We have, I think, a peculiar fraternity because we have very, very similar backgrounds and understandings.   We are almost like the twins who finish each other's sentences.   He, however, thinks quite a bit more deeply and methodically than your humble servant.   I am given to hot-headedness and impatience. 
      The hour cometh and now is, that I begin preparations for a return to the Quinta.   My neighbour informed me yesterday that my Sargento Mayor had been busy completing the "repaving" projects with gravel that  my neighbour and I bought for the improvement of the approach to our properties.    The work was not mandatory, but aesthetically that time had come.  The hurricanes and tropical involvements of the previous rainy season brought matters to this point now.   We are making improvements on our pathways and drainways, and then a couple of very minor adjustments to the guest's room.

     It is a matter of considerable interest to me to see how our flamboyans (royal poncianas) are coming back from the freeze.
More later,
El Gringo Viejo