Monday, 17 May 2010

Preparing for Return to the Quinta

     The time is returning for the time to be returning.    After a good visit with important people in my life....compere, son-in-law, son, daughter, granddaughters, et. al. and driving up and back to Central Texas for a three-day, two-night whirlwind trip.....the time has come to buy a few goodies and head back down briefly.
      It will be necessary to balance several issues....possible federal jury duty, a return in about 8 days to Central Texas to take our son to the airport in Austin for his trip to Barcelona, Spain for the summer....and, of course, to celebrate our daughter's birthday.    Then,  we have clients coming down for a fairly lengthy stay in a few days.   This visit by clients will require that all be perfect, because once again, I shall not be there for the entire period of their stay.
     When this is stated, it is hoped that my readers can see how much Alvaro is valued by us.   The clients who have been with us before, especially on several stays, regard Alvaro as their something more than just a mayordomo who "has the keys".    They are aware that I am not casting them off to their fate or fortune.   These, as most of our clients, are people who are very accustomed to travel abroad....especially Mexico....and they are largely self-sufficient and self-entertaining.     They genuinely arrive looking for bird-picture and butterfly-picture opportunities,  and a chance to do some other types of nature photography....and to drink beer and relax.

     So, that said, my job is to receive the folks, stay with them for a few days, and make sure that Alvaro has everything necessary and that the larder is laden.    All that will be done, and I say with a bit of humility, it will be done well. 

More later,
The Old Gringo