Thursday, 27 May 2010

Another day, Another peso

      Made it back yesterday.   One Army checkpoint (2 minutes) and another checkpoint, this one Naval Infantry up on the north side of San Fernando (2 minutes).    The Army checkpoint has been around for a while.   At first it was fairly informal, although a serious, military style operation.  Over the years it has become much more heavily fortified, staffed, and professionalized.
    The Naval Infantry stop was more extemporaneous, with old tyres stacked high marking machine gun emplacements.   The stacks were covered with camouflage ribbons and manned with very serious and well-trained personnel.    The location is a vital intersection  where the by-pass of San Fernando adjuncts with the "business route" into the middle of the city, which lies about 3 miles further down the road.
     As is usual, I received correct and professional treatment.  

     The drive up was also accompanied by rain...some moderate and some very heavy....the  Brownsville NWS cumulative radar total showed that my route had received from 2 to 6 inches during the time I was driving it.    It is that time of year.    The sorghum crop throughout Tamaulipas State is almost incomprehensible....I would never had dreamed 25 years ago that the land where the production now takes place would have ever served for anything more than herding bony cattle.   I do not believe that this rain will serve to hurt the harvest.    Almost all the crop is headed, however, and it would probably be best for the heavy rains to hold off until after harvest.

     In a bit, I shall return to offer a few more observations and comments.  Right now, however, it is necessary to prepare for tomorrow's run up to Central Texas.