Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Quick Trip Up and Back

      The better half and I returned this afternoon from the Quinta...four days of small and medium sized projects.   We repaired (upgraded) the main breaker box for our electrical feed....I made a minor fool of myself grumping about the electrical service interruption....asking neighbours if they had service (they did) and generally molesting people before checking my own box.     There was a bit of voltage drop early in the day due to the effects of high winds in the area, and this seemed to have done some damage to the two fuses...which finally gave their lives to protect our televisions, refrigerator, water pump and other appliances.
     I replaced them in a flourish of electrical engineering proweress and all was restored....

     We had a bit of rain and things continue to stabilize from the effects of a really cold winter.    The flamboyan trees that bloom so impressively with their mad flushes of bright red-orange  are probably going to be delayed until mid-June.   Not all is lost however, because usually when the bloom is delayed it also tends to be more vigorous and to last longer.   We shall see.

     I return tomorrow to the Quinta....time to renew my Mexican passport and time to continue with the never ending projects that keeping a house at the end of the road requires.   Perhaps the better half will be making a few postings during my absence.