Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Odds and Ends

    Just back from our blitzkrieg of Central Texas...stopping briefly to visit our son at his place of work in the salt-mines of New Braunfels and then to visit the perfect pair and their two daughters in Round Rock.   The Perfect Pair just returned from Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico after a week's vacation.    It was an enjoyable episode, and they look forward to returning.
     Oddly, not all was perfect, because my son-in-law left town with a nagging upper-respiratory problem and arrived in Cancun's international airport with chills and a peculiar tiredness.   He had gone to the doctor in Round Rock before departure to deal with the problem, received medicine, gotten a bit better...but once on the ground in Mexico, he was not doing very well.   Fevers, chills, and chest pain.     They called in the hotel doctor who took the issue very seriously...He made a prescription and suggested that my son-in-law was probably suffering from pneumonia.   A hot shower, some medicine, and a night's sleep seemed to restore him, but during the next days of basking, touring, eating, shopping, and generally doing enjoyable things he began to slide back again.  
      The doctor came and rendered a bit more aid, and told them to immediately seek assistance once back in Central Texas.   He told them to make sure to tell their doctor there about which medicines were used.    So, once back in Texas, the doctor said that , yes, in fact it was pneumonia...and perhaps he should have taken it a bit more seriously, and to continue with the regimen of medication and bed rest demanded by the Mexican doctor. He stated that the medicine prescribed by the doctor in Mexico was an excellent choice and, (silver lining) a lot cheaper.
      My son-in-law is feeling 10X better now...recovering quickly...and telling his buddies that it's probably better to have pneumonia in Playa del Carmen than somewhere else.     AS AN ASIDE, this kind of intervention is common in Mexico....and it is more personal and cheaper, almost always.   ALSO, the doctor in Austin did nothing wrong, because he was only trying to accommodate a patient (friend) who was determined to go on a vacation to which he had been looking forward...and a patient who reasonably thought he was having an early onset of the famous Central Texas "cedar fever" allergy attack.

     My better half and I are going down towards the end of the week...for a bit of R&R for the better half, and to prepare for a series of visits by various types of guests.   The better half calls "rest" working 12 hours per day by  doing detailed improvements to the gardens and interior and re-organizing the linens, utensils, and general appearance and function of the Quinta.
She is such a dynamo that Alvaro and I try to hide a bit because neither of us (especially the Old Gringo) can keep up with her pace and her assignments.

     It is time to go about my appointed rounds here in the McAllen area.    I shall put on my flak-jacket and head out.   (Where did I put my helmet?)
Thanks, as usual, for your kind attention.

The Old Gringo