Thursday, 28 September 2017

Political Commentary: Two Schools of Sociology - Weberian and Marxist


     One of the most useless disciplines within the arbiter of Liberal Arts is the study of sociology.   This is declared by one who majored in that discipline, and as one of that group, graduated in 1969, with a BA degree in Sociology and associated Latin American Studies.   The various minors were clustered in political science, history, archeology, anthropology, and a sub-minor in underwater basket-weaving.

     It is true, however and it must be said,  that there were in my day, two different poles in the sub-set of the discipline of Economics (also a false science).   One was Marxist which was very popular during my stay on campus, and the other was Weberian (pronounced 'veh - behr - e - yahn').

     The Weberian analysis of society and social organisation, and social order was that it was full enough of life-change during the trek:  birth, adolescence, adulthood, professional and trade life,  motherhood, old age, and Death.   He said that the societies who were disciplined celebrated all these acts and ceremonies. This was done according to their religions, denominations within those religions, tribal customs, etc.

     It was Max Weber who determined that there was no "class-warfare".  His understanding was that there was a division of the classes based upon the perceived notions of Class.....Status....and Power.    Interweaving all of this with the idea of life-change of each individual (he or she who actually composed 'societe') means that there are infinite realities concerning the organisation of human society.....AND culture....than can be processed by the most powerful computers to-day.

     Max Weber was no Fascist who believed in ''tradicionalismo uber alles" (pardon the combination of fascism and national socialism).   He was influenced by Marx in various ways, and other writers and thinkers.   BUT.....he parted with the convenient cant and lofty prayer of the "Progressives" by establishing that tradition and social comfort....a warm copa de vino....a comfort of uncles....a lamentation of the death of a cousin....the pain of a wife.....were all more powerful than any "Movement".   (Upon this, believeth El Gringo Viejo)

     Max Weber ( pronounced Veh - behr) was my refuge during the studies of Sociology back in the dark ages of the 1960s.   Even now, he is rarely mentioned, although there are many Che Guevara T-shirts on campus, along with memorials for Mendacious Frida Kahlo and Mendacious Rigoberta Menchu'.  For the one who found and told the truth, there are no T-shirts, nor accolades.

There shall be more, a bit later.    Thank you for your time and patience.
El Gringo Viejo!!!