Sunday, 30 July 2017

Republican Failure? Or Failure of McCain, Murkowski, and Collins?


       Perhaps you were one of many voices that spoke but could not be heard due to the deafening roar of back door political maneuvering. The notion that we are being pushed into a subsidised system speaks volumes. The dull-thinkers and those who want to be fair are following both the Pied Piper and the Tailors who made the Emperor's fine raiment. Slobs and dullards who are really glad to have "free medical" are truly slobs and dullards. "Let the Rich Pay!!!" is the battle cry.

      Such a practice has always and must aways wind up in bankruptcy. It is as simple as that. Right now there is no problem. The officials are herding the sheep-people into the log and frame barn. To-morrow the people will be waiting around for their "free medical, food, housing, schooling, transportation, and lottery tickets" and suddenly they will smell smoke. A third of them will be told to take an aspirin and come back in 90 days. When they are dying of starvation and lack of medical services, they will struggle up one more time to the Bastille and the guillotines to rally once more, "Tax the Rich and Off with their heads!!!!" We have painted ourselves into a desperate Box Canyon and there is no good outcome. Thanks a million, McCain....(I shall never refer to you again as Senator, nor Commander, nor "sir", nor shall I salute you).

     Why would El Gringo Veijo say such a dastardly thing?  After all, think of how McCain sacrificed, refusing to take liberty from the communist North Vietnamese and the Hanoi Hilton as a Prisoner of War unless his American and allied mates were likewise released.  His refusal of repatriation brought him several years more of torture and brutal treatment.   However, McCain was always a steel-wire bristle-brush.....having been a bit problematic during his youth,  and according to some, even during his early days as a flight-trainee and later as a fully qualified F - 4 Phantom driver.
     He performed heroically at the event of the fire on board the Carrier Forrestal when a missile dislodged and exploded on deck....when there were numerous warplanes "parked upstairs".  Some say that McCain performed only as he should have.....others say he performed heroically.   There was a lot of intense fire and munitions and kerosene in the wings, etc.   Losses for the boat itself came up to over 70,000,000 1967 yankee dollars.   The planes lost were a separate loss, some 16 totally destroyed.

     Then he comes home...makes friends with John Kerry, calls himself a Republican, marries Budweiser Beer West, and begins his not so slow drift to reasonable....the the idiosyncratic.....and to the irrational.  Most recently he joined two other liberal Democrats who attend the Republican Convention every four years and talk about the need to protect a woman's right to choose, and blocked the will of 48 Republicans who had been dragged kicking and screaming into accord that would initiate a watered-down beginning of the dismantling of the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI).

     One could ask,"What difference would it have made to vote to approve?"  To begin,  the bill would have had to been passed over to Conference with the House of Representatives where further hammering, welding, and boiler-plating would be done.   Once everything could be worked out, something a little less bad than the OSMI would be put into place, and the governors in the rust belt would have their Medicaid with which to buy votes.   The governors and State congresses where deficit spending is prohibited will take what little improvement has been made and try to build on it....primarily by getting out of the way of the private, job-producing sector and the American way of innovation and community involvement (without the aid of a community organiser).
     And, once proving that we could actually turn the Ship of  State ever so slightly to the right, backed up by a Supreme Court that has a counterbalance to the "conservative" Chief Justice, we could have begun a return to some semblance of normalcy in terms of governance by the Central Government.

     Oddly, the two women who saved their States from the ruin of abandoning the OSMI, thereby relegating their States securely into the comfort zone of predictable disaster,  they are now proudly on the path to that Great Dust Bin of History.
    John McCain, in order to prove once and for all that he was a real live Maverick, assured the continuation of medical insurance collapse in the State of Arizona.   Rates for those who must subsidise the parasitical and slothful and Congressional members and staffs, have skyrocketed in Arizona....and in Maine and Alaska, quite frankly.
      So, the terrible trio has taught everyone a lesson.   That lesson is, "One must  beware of what he has or else he will receive something he wished for before he voted to find out what was in it, or not for the hardworking American people and those most in need when the rich finally manage to pay their fair share."   That last sentence might well soon replace "In God We Trust" on our currency, as we begin to understand Nancy Pelosisms more completely. 

     We are genuinely talking about worms who have no deductive reasoning and who are completely self-consumed.   It is time for at least three primary challenges.   To think, even Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul voted for this thing, knowing that once passed, it would go into Conference for further open-heart surgery and athlete's foot medicine.   Ted Cruz and Mike Lee voted for it, so as to keep the inning alive. Almost every liberal Republican, Conservative Republican, and Libertarian Republican voted  for this somewhat useless, somewhat interesting bill....except for three....three egotistical stumblebums.

More later,

El Gringo Viejo