Friday, 2 June 2017

As Briefly as Possible.....Climate Change....Really? Or - Let us turn our fates over to our betters.....


     If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.   If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.    Now that we have enacted the Income Tax, be assured that the tax will never exceed 1% of your income.

     Enumerating all the programmes established by "Progressives" that were sold for rabbits and turned out to be cats would take at least enough pages to destroy the Black Forest.   The worst of all of the projects for perfection of the human race, however, is the concept of trying to intercept the destruction of Planet Earth from being self-immolated by means of global warming.....or cooling.....or climate change.....or (what's next?).
     The preliminary to all of this was the Jane Fonda - starring movie "China Syndrome" which instructed the mindless of that time that all nuclear reactors were going to melt down and make doughnut holes of the Planet.   And, as the bard points out, without taste or class, more people have died in the back seat of Teddy Kennedy's Oldsmobile than from any dysfunction of an American, Mexican, or Canadian nuclear reactor.

     Very quickly, I recount when the university professor from some place called Berkeley told the Louisiana State University College of Geography, Geology, and Earth Sciences to be ready for their visit on such and such date....sometime in the lattermost 1970s.  My brother would be made head of that College, after taking his Ph.D from LSU in 1969.
     Sure enough, the appointed day arrived, and the Berkeley professors came in, looking totally the part of a gang of bank robbers, and began ordering the peons around so as to better accommodate their lecture.  Desks and chairs were moved, a projection screen extended (there was already one installed on the map-wall), and other adaptations.   The scraggy-looking professors lectured the 40 or so professors, instructors, and staff for about 2 and a half hours, advising them that the new "....line of attack against the established interests" is going to be the colour green, and the "Green Revolution".   They made it plain that protecting the planet, at all and any cost, would be the "New Viet Nam War", and that we were obliged to begin the indoctrination of our classes in the new "secular religion" of saving the planet.
     We shall forego the many details of this encounter.  It was not ended well, because back then even the liberal professors in the South had brains......and souls.  It was ended by people like my brother asking about the credentials of the "Doctors"....and it turned out that they were, actually Ph. D. level professors at Berkeley and other nearby institutions of higher learning in California.   They were also dedicated and self-identifying marxists, doing something similar to what we see the Mormon boys doing with their nice (but not-too-nice) bicycles and sedate religious information pamphlets and their quiet civility.   Except these professors from California were not "nice".  They were foul-mouthed, demanding, and even expected the LSU people to take up a collection for them and also take them out to supper at a place of their (the California professors') choice.

     We have had to change our freon from this to that type, and change out the antiperspirant spray propellant, stop eating whale meat, stop using styrofoam anything, and exactly 247 different life-style amending actions before we would be allowed to look at a picture of Jane Fonda with her North Vietnamese soldier's uniform and her personal anti-aircraft pod.

     We are tired of this demagoguery.  Free Enterprise and capitalism make things clean.  Christian stewardship of Creation cleans things up....Christians do bad things, but generally their old ethic was "cleanliness is next to Godliness".....In Mexico, where people practice Catholicism or some form of reasonable Protestantism, things are clean....but where there are people unbound by any ethic or proverbial prescription for is a mess, where the motto is "Your land and the public areas are my land-fill."
     And yes there are businesses that take advantage of "....when nobody is looking" almost anywhere.   But the fact is the American messes are our messes, the Mexican messes are their messes, the Canadian messes are their messes. each of the three cases, each of the three entities cited have made significant to exemplary improvements to environmental conditions and pollution abatement.
Ixtaccihuatl (L) and Popocatepetl (R)
     Not long ago, in Mexico City, a girl and her husband were complaining about the smog, and several of us geezers ....(we were in the 7th floor restaurant / bar of the Majestic Hotel on the main plaza (Zocalo) of Mexico City) .....also taking in the impressive, classical images.   Seven or eight old geezers...American and Mexican....snorted and laughed a bit at the young girl's observation.  There was a pause, almost uncomfortable, until your humble servant spoke up to say, in Spanish, "Please forgive us, but we remember when the smog was so bad we could not see the distance of one block here at mid-day".
     Her man, I think they were on honeymoon, said, "You are not joking?"  To which I and all the old geezers sitting about, nodded with the the assurance of age and truth, "That is the way it was from 1969 through 2002," I assured them.  In those times, it was a rare when one could see the moon, stars, during the night or blue sky during the day.   But active LOCAL MEASURES finally rendered results.  And now, one can see from the Majestic's 7th floor facility, the famous peaks of Popocatepetl and Ixtaccihuatl....snow covered....glistening with almost patriotic zeal.  No international pact.  Just the clumsy, somewhat corrupt, substantially sincere, private and public effort to clean up and make things "nicer".

     These countries who jump onto this bogus wealth transfer system should be a bit ashamed of themselves.   They are insulting their own good works, as if they think that it might be easier just to let a blue-helmetted UN army come in and start running their countries and telling them what kind of toilet paper the people will use and what kind of beef they will be allowed to drink.

     Before long, should the Blue-helmets have their way, the entire world will look like Cuba and Venezuela...and frankly.....much of Russia.   The Hillarys and the "better" people will still have their little redoubts behind several hundred acres of forest, where their neighborhoods are protected from the hoi polloi by heavily armed gorillas and six layers of electronic sensors.   They can pollute, because they will have those who are willing to carry the chamber pots.

El Gringo Viejo
ps:   to the greenies, if you do not know the difference between an upward adiabatic rate and an isobar, then just....shut up....and go away.......