Monday, 5 June 2017

A few quick logs to put on the fire started by the political scene.....


    The following are a number of points that come to mind as I drive back and forth, up and down, the road twixt the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre and my various home-bases.

(1)   The Madness of Lib-Logic -   If a person proposes or supports some notion that an illegal alien who has an outstanding warrant from the Department of Homeland Security - Immigration and Customs Enforcement, should be held by local or State authority until the DHS - ICE officers come and pick up said individual.....then according to the entire Left and the Obsolete Media, that person is a racist, bigot, neanderthal, and just a plain ol' deplorable.
     The Obsolete Press, lamentably now including many of the local broadcasters, has declared the new law dealing with illegal aliens who have compounded their offense by committing a serious misdemeanour or felony is "racist".   It is pointed out that any person supporting this new law is probably a Nazi SS enforcer, a bigot, a bad person,  and as stated above, a veritable  "Deplorable".

    They equate the Texas law recently passed by both Houses of the Congress of the Republic of Texas and signed by the correctly designated Head of State as a law designed to harass and generally denigrate "hispanic" people, all of whom are assumed to be cherubs and people awaiting beatification.   The new law is said to be, in their terms, ''racist".  
     I equate those who argue in this manner to the drunken gunfighter flailing his pistol around, firing at nothing and everything.   They have chosen this time to make of a relatively simple matter something terribly complicated.
    How so?  It is simply because this new law simply states that the constabulary throughout the Republic of Texas, and more especially the elected Sheriffs of the Counties and the Chiefs of Police of the various and sundry municipal jurisdictions of the Republic of Texas honour and comply with active detain-and-deliver orders from DHS - ICE.   This means, equally simply, that illegal aliens who have been detained by arrest for suspicion or by warrant for crimes of a serious nature, once their penal obligations are acquitted, should be referred to DHS - ICE so as to facilitate their immediate deportation.   In some cases, the DHS - ICE people might recover the individual to be transferred to a holding area for later prosecution based on other pending warrants.

     We will point out that among the people whom the Obsolete Press and the general leftist movement loves to call "Hispanic", and who are American / Texian citizens or legal aliens, it is my best estimate that 80% favour this process.   Frequently, they are the ones who have to put up with the swirling mass of criminal slime that have come to our shores, plains, mountains, towns, and cities in order to commit murder, mayhem, and disorder.   Mara Salvatrucha Anyone?

     Here, locally along the frontier, the local print, television, and radio media are pointing out the obtuse racism of the Governor Greg Abbott who wants to throw all "hispanics" in jail and have them deported whether they are legal, illegal, citizens, or not.   This is not a joke.
    It is the same as the picture ID voter requirement false-issue.   They look into the camera with that "look".  The "look"?  It is that "look" that reveals the certain knowledge by the reporter that he / she has "caught" another honkey Klanner being a Mexican-hating bigot.    Little matter that most of the Latinate people who are legally in Texas and / or citizens of three to fourteen generations.....most of them want protection from illegal aliens in Texas who are here solely for criminal purposes.  Of that latter group, long ago they were very, they are legion.

      One last, and very valid, angle pertaining to this matter.   One might note that Mexico has been delivering people with wants / warrants in the United States and / or Texas on an astoundingly regular and dependable basis.  It was the norm, not more than a generation ago, that obtaining extradition for a wanted person in Mexico to be sent to Texas or elsewhere in the United States was nearly laughable.  Now it is de rigueur.    Texas especially (I sincerely do not know about the other States) has been good about delivering people who have been requested by Mexican authority when the proper charges, warrants, and causes are presented.  It is like....dare I say....the way things should be. 

 Robert (Sheets) Byrd's ''private" train for his wife who
hated flying.  It still runs both directions, 3 times per week.
  It is especially beautiful during the Spring and Fall.  In
fairness, it is still running 
a 93% occupancy.
(2)  The notion of "crossing the aisle in order to get something done" - Instead of going through a long, wordy explanation concerning how this writer arrives at the conclusion that now resides in his brain (can we still say 'his'?), it is patently impossible for straight-thinking classical Liberals, classical republicans, classical parliamentary monarchists, modernist Conservatives, traditionalists, orthodox religious thinkers to "cross the aisle". 
 This is the Saloon Car
     And before the irate masses bury me up to the neck and begin the stoning, please understand.  Crossing the aisle to anyone who identifies as one of the above cohort of philosopher, thinker, or believer means being "reasonable" and caring about the opinion of another person who is not in accord with the issue at hand.
    To the Left, "crossing the aisle" means...."Agree with us and vote the way we say or we shall accuse you of wanting children to die, throwing grandma off the cliff, of having ever said the word 'mongoloid', of wanting to abolish Social Security, and being a racist.   And a HomoPhobe (fear of human-like entities)".

     Point? There is no such thing as "crossing the aisle in order to get something done"when one is dealing with leftists.  Their rule is "What is yours is negotiable.  What is mine in mine.".
   The closest we might come to that in recent times is the idea that we do some log-rolling with other peoples' money.  For instance, "You give my wife a private train to Charleston, West Virginia with AMTRAK, and I will vote for your embargo against Brazilian and Mexican sugar."
     West Virginia U.S. Senator Robert Bird (Grand Exalted Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan) had a wife Erma Ora James - Byrd,  who, like Claudia Alta Taylor Johnson (Lady Bird), and your humble servant, had severe allergy to flying.   Et Viola'! A full scale overnight train with diner, saloon car, and deluxe alcoves in the Pullman section for someone who is "very important".   And what is "mine" is mine?   The train still runs, and ironically, it is doing a little better than breaking even.  Were it to run daily, it would make good money.

(3)  Grey Panthers form shout-down groups at Town - Hall meeting with their US Representatives -

       They are the perfect picture of America's left.  It is something like, "The Republicans have a blockade against our friends in Cuba, pushing them into extreme poverty.  And we want our free stuff, and the rich should pay for it.!!!!!  We demand it!!!!! Explain why you want us to die!!!!"   

    All of this, of course, references the "discussion" we are having with people like the Grey Panthers and other Soros Choir members who specialise in holding up pitifully impudent and meaningless placards, 'Why do you want my daughter to die?" and "When will you share?" and shouting, "If you let the planet fry, we are all going to die".
     They shout things that can not be discerned, and if discerned cannot be understood.   And then, if they are successful in totally interrupting any communication, they retire from the field of argument, content that they have won. 


This is a delayed publication, primarily because I forgot to post it a couple of weeks back.
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