Saturday, 8 April 2017

Our Traditional Potpourri of Notions, Thoughts, and Curmudgeonry

     (1)    We still become grumpy when it is stated, "And if you buy these things right now, we will throw in the reverse illuminated, dog-carrier, frying pan, automatic spray-painting machine, ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!!"   If a person has to pay this in order to obtain that, then it is not free.  I tire of allowing for the dissolution of the American and English language.   We refuse to witness without protest the steady reduction of our language into a grouping of gruntings and snortings as are the various Teutonic dialects.

     (2)     What to do?  We are used having rolling cannons on the deck during the storm.  After all, we are Confederates.  Who else would decide to fight a war against the 5th most industrialised nation in the world, and howl about States' Rights until all the stars and the Man in the Moon tire of listening to the explanations about "The Cause"?

     However, now cometh the strange creature, from Alsace, to the Yukon, back to Deutschland, and finally back to America, and finally grandfathering a Loose Cannon, the likes of whom has never or rarely ever been seen.   It is interesting to watch, but not comfortable to be within the range of close contact.   It is, as you know, the Abominable Trumpman....aka- Trumpsquatch.  Some refer to him as Trump Kong.  

      He opposes "wild intervention" in the affairs of other nations, but at the first opportunity, bombs the slop out of an installation in a 12th World dump, led by a renown ophthalmological surgeon who decided to be a cad.
        He is accused by the Nouveaux Illuminati (the Obsolete Press) of being a consort of Vladamir Putin.   During the past hours our "Loose Cannon" just blew up the fondest hopes of Mr. Vlad and his ophthalmological comrade.  The Obama cohort of the Washington D.C. - West Coast - New York - Ivy League set must have been choking on the Savouringon Bleuphotepew Scorescion  127 year old wine......when the Tomahawks destroyed a significant part of Syria's weapons of mass destruction.

       This now swings over to my disgust with the Bushes and King George II in particular.  Cheney also deserves some blame.   It is known that just before the Second Iraqi War, large convoys of triple rear-axle, semi-tractor trailer rigs were seen lumbering through Iraqi / Syrian border check-points.  They were filmed.  They were, supposedly, carrying chemical, biological, and almost certainly,  ingredients for atomic-application stuff.
       BUT BUSH NEVER BROUGHT THIS UP, NOR DID CHENEY as is required in the theatre of American is necessary to repeat over, and over, and over is a VERY necessary thing in when it is required in order to convince and influence an increasingly self-consumed and geo-politically ignorant country.   Bush would only very occasion give an 19 minute, dried-toast speech, saying the same thing he did six months before, and then sign off and go back to the residence section of the White House.  This makes me think that they were either too small or too timid to fight back against  the Anti-Flyover Country Cartel.

       The Russians' hierarchy, almost all of whom are born without souls, assured Father Obamaham that Russia would bring Assad, dictator of Syria, into the 17th Century.   Father Obamaham waved his scepter and declared, "That's another great victory in the Quest for Hope and Change!"   And it all resulted in a pre-planned disaster.....much to the joy of the perpetrators. All the reasonable leaders in the Middle East were left without a "big brother" for the past eight years, so at the very least there might be a kind of regrouping of slightly similar mentalities as it relates to tyrants, rogue regimes, and such realities in that part of the world.

     Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Bahrain, and a few other countries can be cobbled together to bring some kind of predictable order to the mess left behind by Hope and Change.  We shall see as the hours and days go by now.  Buckle your seat belts....the ride should be interesting.

More Later,
El Gringo Viejo