Thursday, 23 February 2017

Potpourri of Thoughts, Notions, and Observations

     For the past couple of weeks or a little more, your humble servant was down at our place on the Rio Corona in Nowhere, Mexico a little northwest of Ciudad Victoria,  Tamaulipas.  It was another episode of dull and boring days, small projects such a pruning, cleaning, and a bit of fix-up work. The routine is pleasant enough, however, to enjoy, given the incessant arrival of new birds or interesting old-timer birds, and the occasional visitor who drops by briefly to gossip and opine a bit.   
We even had the return en force of two skulks of fox, numbering about fifteen, plus or minus. Their laughing and giggling routine in the early morning hours....especially during the full moon episode....was particularly entertaining.

    Every few hours, after overdosing on television news, both Mexican and American, I declared war on the new reality and threatened to write the final and definitive book of social and political rules.   If the Left can write rules that declare that every child has the right to a compulsory education, then certainly I can require that primary and secondary school should be accomplished in eight years, or nine at the very most.   And further, I can demand the immediate end to public education as we know it, and require that all docentry and tutelage be provided by teachers who would receive very low pay.  Further, it would be established that all educational activity be controlled strictly locally and by private agency.

     It would be my perfect world should all local sporting, baseball, basketball, ping-pong, tiddlywinks, chess, track and community based and supported by admission fees or sponsorships by churches, businesses, and any source save for known criminals or government agencies of any kind.   The same would apply to the fine arts....all private.

      The reasons we (your humble servant and his fellow father-in-law) would like for the pro-Trump people to shut-up or at least turn down the volume because is because they know things but do not understand things.  The two individuals (your humble servant and his fellow father-in-law) have over 100 years of combined experience in Mexico...and experience in how this or that trade and immigration policy affects America and more especially Texas.

      The above graphs show the juxtaposition of various candidates who are presently passively or actively posturing for the position of President of Mexico.  
     Please be aware that Margarita Zavala de Calderon (PAN), is the wife Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, the President who served before the present incumbent.   Also, remember that in Mexico, there is no re-election.   All of these numbers will be changing like the back-computers of the digital "slot-machines' one might find in Las Vegas during the next eighteen months or so:

  (a) The blue labels are the PAN (conservative party).

  (b) The green labels are the PRI (old official government party from the previous century, and then once again during this particular 6 year term with Pena-Nieto).

  (c) Then there is the yellow label which is the far-left Party of the Democratic Revolution - PRD).

  (d) The brown label is the Party of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), the very dangerous and dedicated marxist who is his own party....having been rejected by the his old PRD home base after two failed runs for President.

 (e) Finally, the purple label is a fully independent party based upon the personality of Jaime Rodriquez,  present governor of Nuevo Leon State (Monterrey and Co.) who came in like a lion based on his victories over the Cartels during his service as a County President of Garcia, Nuevo Leon, but once upon ascending to the throne of governor has made a series of bad calls and positionings on tax reduction issues.

     The only way AMLO can win this coming election is by railing against the "New Berlin Wall of Hatred"....ironic since AMLO is a stark-raving marxist and continuously pushing leftist nationalism and "from each according to his ability and to each according to his need" policies.  Confronting people like AMLO and Jorge Ramos with the fact that the Berlin Wall was designed to keep people in East German / Berlin, and the Gringo Wall is proposed with the purpose being to keep people out is pointless.  They will respond...."It's exactly the same.  It's meant to keep people  apart and to suppress the poor."

     El Gringo Viejo has written before that his father was in the horse cavalry.....the 1st Division, 12 Regiment, Headquarters Squadron (mounted) of the United States Army.  He was stationed principally on the border...between Fort Brown in Brownsville and Fort Ringgold in Rio Grande City.   Times have changed.....but the idea of a mechanised and / or mounted cavalry or mounted infantry in many places along the border would be much better than any wall.
     Before the guffawing begins, please understand that the Border Patrol has expanded the mounted patrol substantially during the past few years.  The employment of full scale mounted, mechanised, and air-supported cavalry tactics being integrated to a true strategy of interception and deflection is much better than any wall.
       We have incredibly accurate sonic detection systems as well as FLIR and IR Drones and globs of civilian volunteers who could be readily marshaled, disciplined, trained in short order (many, many, many of them Latin of origen) to support the uniformed service and serve as eyes and ears to an extremely complex border.   So, "who's the good Indian?"  or "who's the good Mexican?" or "who's the good Anglo?" questions could be resolved by people who have total comfortability in that environment and, 99.99999% of the time, can differentiate between "the good'ns and the bad'ns".   We are not the shoot-em up yahoos and jethros we are painted to be.  A lot of us know the difference between Renoir and Warhol....or Monet and Mapplethorp....Dizzy Dean and Dizzy Gillespie.

     Instead of pushing away very competent people and agencies, by the way, and denigrating the Mexican effort in this matter, it would be immensely better to incorporate the Mexican Army and Naval Infantry into a co-ordinated effort, like a caliper, in the effort to interdict the human sex-slave trade, the human transnational invasion, the meth / cocaine / heroin and other "estupificantes" (you can figure out what that means) import - export industry.   It does, and will continue to require, the direct intervention of the American Coast Guard co-ordinating with the Mexican Navy on both side of the Continent.
     If we were to be stupid enough to build a wall, the agents who capitalise on despair would quickly and nimbly begin to transport millions of tonnes and scores of thousands of humans via the sea-routes.   This is not a joke or a thrashing ill- founded reason to not build a wall, it is just the facts.  Already, the Mexican Navy, the past year alone, sank or disabled three "narco-submarinos" carrying over three tonnes of cocaine.   These are things that few know and even fewer understand.   And we shan't even think about re-visiting the ridiculous "Fast and Furious" scandal that should have resulted in Eric Holder, Hillary Rodham, and Barry Soetoro being marched to the nearest SuperMax prison.
Ingenious....and pointless
     The effort requires co-ordinating with confidable Mexican resources, mixed with a ghostly, powerful, techno-adapted antique and super-futuristic mix of American resources.   No wall.   The "wall" is something akin to the idea of "Forget Hell - The South Will Rise Again" gibberish.  We will be judged as foolish if we don't build a real live cowboy-cyber-unpredictable-informants on the ground - nimble impenetrable "wall" that no one can see clearly.

These are my sincere, and informed thoughts.   The idea that we are not co-ordinating with the Mexican military, which is about as corrupt as our own military as did the George Bush administration with positive results, and using real resources instead of what will have to be 2,000 miles of curving, instantly crumbling, sabotaged by night, and useless wall disturbs me.  My own sensibilities concerning the ruin of territory rightfully controlled by the Republic of Texas so as to satisfy the sensibilities of a blowhard, liberal Republican presidential candidate's "campaign promise" have been strained several-and-a-dozen times since the campaign and election of 2016.

    We have refrained from our ire, fire, and brimstone for a while at this point.  But my will has suddenly returned....and perhaps you will see my "liberal" (conservationist) side and thereby know that the old fool is a bit more complex than than the regular rightwing bomb-thrower.   I am a special rightwing bomb-thrower.

We do remain,
Ever grateful and appreciative of your participation in this journey.
El Gringo Viejo