Monday, 16 January 2017

Trump and his etherial cure for Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI)

    Our betters and the Wise Ones come again upon us. They simply want to save us from ourselves.  So "hope and change" becomes "make America great again" and the dull and those who care not to ask, "What specifically do you mean when you say 'hope America and change great again?" are thrusted back into their frustrations.   Or is it 'petards'?

     And, once again, we have chosen neither the low road not the high road.  We, the most advanced nation on Planet Earth,  have slid into shortstop in the great American game of political baseball.

    It reminded El Gringo Viejo of that little game that was sold in airports and bus stations around the nation.  It is pictured to the left here.  I bought one in San Antonio while on a boring trip full of boring nothing to do, surrounded by old boring people.  The game was really boring too.  So I was happy for the luxury of being perfectly miserable and totally consumed with both self-loathing and the joy of thinking that perhaps I was making the old boring people miserable.   Those were the fun times, right?
Johnathon Gruber -
 Was glad that Americans were too
 stupid to understand the Obama
 Socialised Medicine Initiative

     So, here we are.  Father Obamaham could not put together Gruber's Grand Plan for the Stupid well enough to convince the American populace to essentially commit slow suicide and pay through the nose for it.  And now comes SuperDon to show everyone how it's done.  "The Donald", whom I am sure has the best of intentions unlike his predecessor, is going to try to saw the lady in the box in two.  He's never done the trick before, but he did assure the pretty girl that "everything is going to be fine, don't worry about a thing".  After all he had seen Maxwell Smart do it on television during an episode of "Get Smart".  Or was it the Smothers Brothers?

     At this point he has figured out that paying for the dolts, bums, street people, slugs, gang shooting victims, miracle babies, miracle anchor-babies, elderly orphans who have been put on the iceberg by their offspring, etc. is going to be expensive and the productive class will have to pay for spades....and through the nose.   It is because he insists upon putting together a national programme.  He cannot help himself.  He, like all liberal, pseudo-Republicans, is a statist.  He believes that he and the Grubers on his team can make a "national health care system" at least as good as the one in Cuba.

     Of course, Mr. Superman is like O'bama because he knows that none of this affects him personally since he and his families know....necessary....important to the greater good.  He and they will have whatever they need or want which is how what should be should be.   He, like Obama, and all the Progressives who are building Utopia on Planeta Tierra can keep pushing the little numbers until they all line up correctly.

     And when they are done, all they will have is a bunch of little numbers who all lined up correctly.   Boring.  But it only cost a silver quarter.

El Gringo Viejo