Thursday, 19 January 2017

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans - Happy Trails 'til Then

    Thankfully, the nightmare ends, at least briefly.  Perhaps we can change from the nightmare of marxist narcissism and meld into just a bad dream of bluster restrained by intelligence and a modicum of patriotism.

    We pray that the new President can avoid the addiction of jumping behind the 30 calibre, water-cooled, belt-fed machine-twitter and blasting away against any dolt who makes ridiculous, scurrilous, and offensive statements.  An adult...who is President....should be strong enough to count to ten and say to himself, "My mother told me to count to ten and consider the source."   Responding to Lewis when you are having meeting with "mediocre Negroes" like Martin Luther King III, Jim Brown, etc.? Please, Donald!  Lewis has been a mendacious, senile, crooked race-baiting slug for the past 30 years.  He is irrelevant.
     The studied eloquence of Martin Luther King, III (who is very much like his name-sake grandfather...a true hero) stands in stark contrast to the race-racketeers such as Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and Lewis, and Waters, and Jackson - Lee.

    We leave with a vintage photograph of the first 30 calibre, water-cooled, belt-fed, machine twitter so that the OROGs can have an idea of what a nearly 50 pound armament might look like.

El Gringo Viejo's father trained on one of these during his service in the United States Army, 1st Cavalry (Mounted), 12th Regiment, Headquarters Squadron - 1929 through 1933.

Thanks for your attention!
El Gringo Viejo