Saturday, 31 December 2016

So Much Swirl - My Head is Spinning.... The Russians Are Coming !!!!

     All this matter about the Russians meddling in the American political processes, as if (a) were true, and then if true, (b) it had a ruinous effect upon the outcome of the elections immediately past are truly a very minor tempest in a faux and tiny tea-pot.  The Russians meddle in everything.  Very few Russians are born with souls, and those so delivered by the stork seldom use their souls.
     Any group of people who, in their majority, could clamour for a return to Stalin's time need to be disregarded except for the need to always be prepared for some senseless aggression.  Actually, it seems as though the Russians are caught in a downward spiral that doesn't even work very well.  With a declining population and a sometimes sober Army and Air Force, the population of 200 million can eke out a 1.325 trillion dollar annual economy.

     Those figures might impress Democrats in America, but when it is considered that Mexico has essentially the same Gross National Product, but with a total population of 120 can easily surmise that Russia does little or nothing for the seven months of the year that the country is generally frozen.  Novisibursk, Siberia....the administrative capital....declares that they have to do the census in August because it is the only time they can determine if the drunks normally covered up with snow and mud in the streets (there are no gutters) are alive or dead is in the Summertime.

     Even without the assistance of being a communist government dedicated to in the 1,000,000 military personnel they lost during the siege of Berlin in 1945....the Romanoffs managed to lose their entire fleet of warships (40 cruiser and destroyer class ships) and 70% of their officers and 65% of their enlisted (including conscripts) personnel in the Army.   The Japanese simply destroyed the Russians in about one year.   It is worth noting that the unspoken Roosevelt Understanding was taken seriously by the Crown in Tokyo when the Peace Accord was signed and sealed in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
     Japan, although victorious, had also been exhausted of its military and industrial capacity.   But, they had gained the impression from the Americans that it would be understandable should the superior group in the region, the Japanese would be better prepared to take care of the lands and peoples of the Western Pacific, Southeast Asia, and China. Those populations also needed to be disciplined, shepherded, and protected from themselves.     To the enlightened Progressives such as Theodore Roosevelt and later Woodrow Wilson and later Franklin Roosevelt it seemed reasonable to deign that distant part of the Earth to rule by those best qualified to rule it.   Of course, as in all the acts and plans of the Progressives, their notions were folly.

     And while all of this was going on, Russia was succumbing to a half-century of horror that would make the Romanoffs appear to be sympathetic characters in the theatre of history.   And, by comparison, they truly were.

     All of this is neither here nor there in the matter (or non-matter) of Russian "meddling" in the election that caused the Coronation of America's First Woman President to be put on hold for another two or three hundred years.

The greater questions should be:

     (1)     Why did Debbie Wasserman Shultz manipulate and repeatedly lie about procedures blocking candidates other than the final Democrat nominee from reasonable equity of treatment according to the rules of the Democrat National Committee?

       (2)       Why did Donna Brazile feel compelled to pass the final nominee debate questions both during the Democrat debates and during the final three debates between the Republican and the Democrat candidates.   She had gained access to those questions from willing accomplices within the Obsolete Press and dutifully passed them along as do all corrupt, marxist political operatives.   To them, as always, truth is defined as 'information that aids in the establishment of socialism'.  Any information that contradicts that "truth" or which in any way retards the advance of socialism is to regarded as a "lie".

      (3)       Why did some lower level, very young Democrat National Committee member wind up murdered, while walking away from work, then being found dead, still in possession of his personal documents, an expensive watch, a wallet with considerable cash, and with credit cards.  Rumours began and then were quashed by the Obsolete Press that had indicated that this young man had become disenchanted with the DNC, the Democrat official candidate, and the crudeness and squabbling that seemed ever-present at the DNC offices.
     Mr. Assange, the world's favourite divulger suggested that the passing of documents up to his level is sometimes very dangerous, even lethal in certain cases.   He also declared that the Russians had nothing to do with his leaks of easily obtained electronic mail from the very leaky Secretary of State's off-campus communications systems and from her campaign as well as from the very feebly defended Democrat National Committee's systems of communication and communication storage.

     (4)      What is clear is that the same people who sent operatives from the State Department and White House with private and State Department money and in-kind funding to orchestrate a campaign against Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel....directly and without apology....are somehow now claiming that "foreign elements" were meddling in the 2016 Presidential campaign.   The hypocrisy has the roar of Niagara and the usual stench of corruption always present with "community organiser" shakedown specialists and off-shore money vacuuming machines involved in the old pay-for-play fund-raising games.
     It all ends up the same way.   Some Conservative, Dinesh D'Souza, who might have offended Barry Soetoro goes to prison for several general criminal population....for committing an error in the making of a openly acknowledged campaign contribution to a friend.   The amount was 20,000 USD.  But the famous Solyndra purposefully lost over 500,000,000 dollars, money that feigned to be invested for "green energy" projects, but which in large part was essentially gifted to Democrat operatives posing as green energy entrepreneurs.   Further, much of that money, intentionally and indirectly, flowed back into the Democrat Party at various and sundry levels, including local, States, and national Democrat entities.   None of the principals paid any financial or criminal price.   It was like "Fast and Furious" all over again....and again.....and again.   IRS scandal, anyone?

    This Russian Gambit, supported still by the Lackey Zomboes of the Obsolete Press will be used once again to explain how all of this supposition that Barry the Foreign Exchange Student had even an ounce of corruption or mendacity.   But, after all is said and done, and they say in New York and Washington, "at the end of the day", what possible difference at this point could any of this make?

More later about gasoline prices in Mexico and other interesting stuff.
El Gringo Viejo