Monday, 26 December 2016

Back from the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre


     We returned to Texas yesterday, after having received clients at our little place.  Our clients were quite pleasant, knowledgable about much, and seemed to enjoy the 4 day and 3 night respite.

     They had motorcycled from Florida's east coast area to our place in five days, in horribly cold and blustery weather.   By the time they arrived at our place a little to the northwest of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas....they were ready to catch their breathe, so to speak.

       Leading up to their arrival, we had had a spate of high winds (30 mph with frequent gusts up to 80 mph), and steadily declining temperatures, finally falling into the low to mid 40s.  We had several large limbs fall and bushels of various types of  chaff.

     Luckily our clients arrived a day after the bad weather.   While the evening was still cold enough to have a fire in the fireplace during supper and afterward, weather improved and warmed up for a pleasant stay, until the last afternoon and night.

     After standing in during the high winds and cold, our electricity stopped.  Such events have become increasingly rare throughout Mexico during the past several years so we were obviously distressed for our clients, especially.  Our overall service was maintained with our gas stove and with the adobe construction keeping the slight chill at bay.

     The clients, couple who were well studied and highly literate...(the sen~or is a neurologist and his lady an editor or something of the like)...never missed a beat or complained or moaned.  Actually none of our clients have ever been so disposed, thankfully, for so long as we have ever received guests.

     It is worth commenting that when they left, as they had arrived, they were mounted on their antique, 4 cylinder, glittering chrome and black lacquer BMW cycle.   They had helmet cams, maps, and all manner of provision and supply.  We were sad to see them go.   Very intelligent and elegant people.

More tomorrow.
El Gringo Viejo