Monday, 21 November 2016

Our Commentary on Trump's Effect on Texit....

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  •      The following is El Gringo Viejo's response to the question posed by the Texas Nationalist Movement's publicity and information mechanism which essentially asks, "What effect will Trump have on the Texas Nationalist Movement?"  My response is included here, primarily because this venue is seen as a method to reach another group of people, pro and./or con, and allow more and more to become, at the very least, aware that the movement is alive, increasing, and serious
  •      The election of Mr. Trump is something that can be typified, perhaps at best, as a neutral / not-so-bad thing for the moment. (Sir Edmund) Hillary Corkscrew was, is, and forever shall be a deranged murderous, mendacious, marxist hag consumed by narcissism. She is a porridge stewed in a pot designed by Stalin.
        Mr. Trump is somewhat better, but still a situational ethics contemporary thinker who deals in matters of the moment….addicted to twitter, ego, positioning, and a strange brain syndrome that requires him to overly repeat things over and over, again and again…..revealing that he requires of himself to convince himself. Strange, indeed.

          Our household and all with whom we associate are and were Cruzistas. But none of that is either here nor there. The issue at hand is to establish, once and for all, the supremacy of local control provided by English / American Common Law rule in lieu of the arbitrary organic law model that is steadily replacing the Magna Carta, the American Constitution, and other elements of Natural Law.
      With Trump and a fluffy, ear-marking Congress, no matter how marginally conservative, there will continue to be a piling on of debt. That debt is the death chortle of all monarchies and democracies and democratic Republics. Spain, France, the United Kingdom lost their strength, power, and elegance to “reasonable economic policies” and gained only dependence by the masses upon the dole.
         Texas is a donor Nation subsidising both the American Union and the Republic of Mexico in many ways, although we benefit by our economic relations with both nations. We benefit culturally in many ways as well. But to depend upon either is folly.

          People of Mexican / Spanish ancestry who are colonially or long term Texians are similar to the people of Mexico but also very different. People with Anglo or Angloid / northwestern European ancestry who are long term Texians are markedly different from other folks of the American Union. We learned with Katrina and the American Urban Phenomena that by-in-large, people of Black African Ancestry who are long-term Texians in their background just see things differently from other people of the same general ancestry who have lived outside of the South or Texas for many generations.

          In many fewer words, Mr. Trump is little better than (Sir Edmund) Hillary, due to his amorality, and his mercurial psychological and cultural characteristics. His election makes this supporting member of the Texas Nationalist Movement no less committed to the movement to amicably withdraw from the American Union at the soonest convenient time. 

    David Christian Newton

    As usual, thanks for your continued attention.
    El Gringo Viejo