Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Mount from the left, milk from the right.....


     The olde carcass just refuses to rebound as it once did.   We put off trying to formulate any reasonable and/or profound observations because there simply was not enough firewood available to even kindle a small fire in the old iron stove.   Five or six relatively minor invasions of the metabolism have lent to the problem.  Our fight against them continues to go well. 

     There are a few points concerning the reportage from the Left and the Right concerning the passage of people from points South of Mexico to the frontier of the United States.   These stories speak to various happenings, policies, and assumed facts that are all inaccurate to a fault.  Some of the stories are purposefully inaccurate.   Included among these stories are others currently being bandied about that are related to the inundation of "migrants" and "refugees" but not in a direct way.

(1)   Sociologically, the people who are hoarding into the United States during these times with the aid of generally leftist "religious" groups, and blatantly anti-American politicians, and the Obsolete Press as well as most of the international press, are not "Migrants".  They are, in fact, either refugees, or displaced persons, or in many cases, invaders.
     Some of the invader group has a psuedo-religious mission, in that it is composed of people who are being shepherded into the United States by leftist, liberation theology practitioners whose mission it is to overload the public assistance programmes to the point that they finally break the American exchequer.  Pastors for Peace, much of the Catholic Charities operation here along the southernmost part of the Republic of Texas, and various other previously respected charitable groups are involved in this mission to introduce millions of people into the country who will begin their indentured servitude instantly by becoming literally injected into the public assistance industry.  We shall have an Anchor Baby Boom in the coming years that might well dwarf the post-World War II, plain old regular Baby Boom period.
     Sister So-and-So who runs the Catholic Charities operation at the Sacred Heart Church in downtown McAllen bemoans the fact that "....there are so many, and they need so much".   She says that right now (this date) there are 200 - 300 women and children coming in every day, and they need disposable diapers, clothes, spending money, a place to wash up and change now that they have their temporary permit to stay in the United States as refugees.   All are going north, almost without delay to glob onto the growing neighborhoods and barrios of incredibly violent Salvadorian, Honduran, and Guatemalan "communities" that are found in most major cities of the United States at this time.
     All these women head north after receiving their permit that allows for them to stay in the United States to await their court hearing date to determine their eligibility to stay as ''refugees".  Over 80 per cent either never receive that notice due to the fact they gave a false address or other locational information, or because they simply disregard the order to appear if they do receive the order.

     It is all a loosely, but carefully, co-ordinated plan that the intellectual social engineers who are intent upon destroying America as a common law, natural law, free-enterprise nation have now placed in full function.   In other words, the engine of destruction is hitting on all twelve cylinders.   Those coming in are not "migrants".   They are, essentially, sociological termite saboteurs. 

(2)    (a) The OROGs (Order of the Readers of the Old Gringo) may have seen a long-distance picture  of a partition wall of considerable strength and height extending for miles, obviously dividing place number one from place number two.   Underneath the photo, it states, ''If Mexico can build this wall between it and Guatemala, why can't we build one here?"
     To respond quickly and accurately, that fence is not on the Guatemala - Mexico border.   It divides Israel from the lunatic jihadi Hamas and Hezbollah murderers in "Palestine".  There is no fencing on the Mexico - Guatemala border save for a few stretches of mediocre to excellent ranch fencing that demarcates property lines mainly.
     The exception might be at the very few official crossing points, there is some fencing near the immigration and processing entry points.

     (b)   The same people who publish that picture, and those who forward it on Facebook, etc. also will intone that, ".....and on the Mexican border, the Mexican Army patrols along there and they just shoot the ones trying to come in illegally."  Suffice to say, such is not the case, at least in 99.99999993% of the cases of anyone crossing in with or without papers.
     There are tales we could tell concerning other distant times, but 80 and 100 years dim the lustre of those images, and many of those tales did not build their houses upon a rock.

(3)   This matter about "The 43 Missing Children of Ayotzinapa" remains a cause-celebre among those on the Left literally all over the Planet.  If anyone sees the articles, please understand that they were not children, nor students, nor are they alive.   They were all killed in a fight to the death struggle between Bolshies and Trotskies.  It was a fight brought on the by the woman who was going to run for Governor of Guerrero and her husband (the presidente of the city/county of Iguala, Guerrero) against the admittedly communist leaders of the false "teachers' college" of Ayotzinapa.   All the aforementioned were involved in the drug transportation and trade, all were involved in sabotaging legitimate businesses that did not pay "war taxes" to their movements, and all were committed to anarchy as a quick resort in order to ply their will in the locale.  The man and wife were of the Trotsky-like group and the rest are out-and-out Bolshies.
     The woman in question, who is in prison now as is her hubby, had two of her brothers killed in a shoot-out about sixty miles away from area above-mentioned.   The shootout was between competing drug transporters and was provoked by their territorial contentions.

(4)     Finally, it would to well to tell everyone that we have actually had an up-tick at the Quinta over the past several months and weeks at the Quinta.  Much of the reason is due to the increasing recognition in our extended area that a reasonable and deepening calm is steadily re-establishing itself to the extent necessary to impulse the actual milling around people used to do before.
     By "before", we mean before that time that the previous three governors tried to limit military "presence" in the State of Tamaulipas.  Many folks might be unaware that Governors of States in Mexico are in most ways subordinate to the Central Government, but they do have wide discretion in terms of accepting or dispersing regular Army or Naval Infantry deployments.   There are exceptions but in the main, it is a rule that is very gummy, sticky, and politically tricky.
     Our new Governor, Francisco Javier Garcia Cabeza de Vaca, a conservative and PAN party member (Republican-equivalent), has made certain that "more is better" and that Tamaulipas is "military friendly".  That is a policy widely, very widely endorsed  in every corner of the State.

More later.
El Gringo Viejo