Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Pena Nieto and Trump - Allow me to make the complex even more complex


    Americans and Mexicans were treated to one of the best Mr. Dogge and Mr. Phoney shows in the history of North American political activity recently.  It began when, for some unknown reason, President of Mexico Citizen Ernesto Pena Nieto invited the two major party candidates to come to Mexico City and have conversation and contact with the President and his inner circle of Secretaries of This and That.

     It is almost impossible for Trump to avoid any spotlight, and (Sir Edmund) Hillary, being the closest somewhat-humanoid relative to a vampire cockroach, must avoid any light, artificial or natural, it was clear that one would go to the meeting in Mexico City, and another would not. 
     One thing restrains (Sir Edmund) Hillary from going to Mexico that is not absolutely official in nature is that she could not permit herself to be surrounded by funny-looking, little brown people who cannot speak anything but jibber-jabber....and who look kinda dirty.
     Trump, on the other hand, knows how to hone his uncomplimentary Jew-jokes to a fine edge before his lecture at the biggest synagogue in Paducah.  But, by the Great Jehovah, he reassures all, "I will build a wall and the I'll make the Mexicans pay for it."   Good lead-in.

Angelica Rivera
First Lady of
    What happened in Mexico City ended with a quiet that actually was the result of a stunned Mexican populace.   Each man came out of the meetings and declared his position, recognised the position of the other side as worthy of consideration, declared his own boundaries, and agreed to continue the discussion.  It was a classic win, win.  El Gringo Viejo was somewhat stunned that Trump could actually act like an adult and not a repetitious, posturing, thuggish  bully.  Pena Nieto, for his part, spoke firmly and even without the idiotic Partido Revolucionario Institutional (PRI) arcane and bifurcated-meaning laden rhetoric as he laid out the perimeters of the discussion and the understandings that had begun during those discussions.

      Sr. Pres. Pena Nieto was doing fine until  he let it slip later that he had laid down the law that Mexico was not going to be paying for any wall.  Earliest statements had suggested that there were no significant talks concerning The Wall.  Trump learned, third hand, what Pena Nieto had said, and suddenly turned into his customary childish-bully, strutting and repeating and uselessly flourishing all nature of peculiar threats.  He again became the genuine combination of low-class and childishness.....and moldy, stale ego.

     It was all that was needed to re-charge the anti-Mexican Bubbas and Daisy Maes who peopled the Phoenix Trump "Rally".  And, of course, that "Rally" and the extreme-left, upper and intellectual class of Mexico was all that was  needed to re-charge the Che Guevara Campus Proletariat Unity Campaign (ChGCPUC) people who hate Pena Nieto and his Telenovela-Trollop wife and his PRI, and who hate America, first, last, and always.

     The wild-eyed, irrationalalist, pro-communist community (aka: WEIPCC) in Mexico has presided over the complete melt-down of one-half of the professorial and teacher class of public Mexican education.  The central government, and the teachers' union that is most prevalent in the south and southwest of Mexico, has been at loggerheads....almost at war....during the past two or three years.   The up-grading of expectations of teachers' and professors' attendance habits and forcing certain intellectual attainment standards for primary and secondary "students" are too "repressive" and "fascist inspired" for the Union.  At times the Secretariat even suggested that the teachers should avoid arriving at work inebriated or with marijuana on breathe, clothes, or person.

     There is also the issue of the "Iquala 43", an issue that El Gringo Viejo has reported upon in this blog.  We pointed out then that the pro-communist and drug-trafficking mayor of Iguala and his sister, who was postulating for Governor of the entire State of Guerrero (includes Acapulco) were the ones who had "eliminated" fellow, but troublesome, students of the local "Federal Normal College".
    (An OROG might say, "Gringo Viejo, don't go around slinging the Commie-word all the time.  It turns people off.  Say 'centre-left'.....it is much more becoming.  Try to grow-up.  It is not the Hour of McCarthy.  People who exaggerate lose credibility and become known as unthinking extremists worse than the people they are condemning.   After all, the socialists only want a better life for the poor.)
     Folks, the "Normal" wherein attend over 400 "students" has end-walls with frescoes on walls that are 50 feet wide and 15 feet high of Karl Marx, Ernesto (Che) Guevara, Fidel Castro, Sub-comandante Marcos, Hugo Chavez, Lenin, Ho Chi Minh,  and Mao Tse Tung, etc.  No other "world leaders" or political thinkers are pictured, and the hammer and sickle emblem is seen in every classroom.  There are no Mexican flags or deferences to Mexicanism of kind.  The "Normal" and others like it, are internationalist, marxist re-education centres.
     The woman who was to run for governor and whose brother was the president of the second biggest city in the State of Guerrero?   Well, she had two brothers who ran part of the ''Knights Templar" drug and prostitution and human slavery trafficking operation in neighbouring Michoacan State.   They were killed in confrontations with the Army - two years before this woman declared for the governorship of Guerrero.   Please...let us be serious.

     And the press?   Foreign and most of the Mexican domestic press?  They keep beating the drum about "What happened to the 43?" and pointing at Pena Nieto.

     And the American Press?   They muddle the issue because they can count on the fact that (1) the Americans know little or nothing about Mexico and could care less.  Most Americans know little or nothing about Canada.  And could care less.  Pokemon, Kardashians, Dancing with the Naked Women, Just Trying to Get By, and the Lottery....that is the issue for almost a majority of the American populace at this time.   And (2)....the Mexicans are very, very, very similar.

     So, with Forty-three dead and their bodies burned and raked into a river or whatever, it doesn't matter much, so blame it on Pena Nieto and go down and check the lottery....the Telenovela comes on at 20:30 and it begins the last chapter of "My Sister Was a Slut for The Cartels and Made One Million Pesos a Day and Drives a Maserati".
     The that, the equally unimaginative Mexican "mainstream" reporters dutifully report like the American, French, British, and even Japanese and you-name-it....the same story.   The story always ends with something like, ".....and Pena Nieto has done nothing about it."  Or in the case of the United States, ".....George Bush flew over it,  he knew it was going to happen, and since it was Democrat votes, he let it happen....and then he flew over it without ever touching down.'

     There have been literally over 1,000,000,000 pesos spent on this Iquala case.  That is over 50 million dollars.  There is only one explanation, foreign and domestic analysts have studied and agreed.   The leftist factions are guilty of fratricidal "cleansing".  But, the highway blockages continue, as do the demonstrations in Mexico City, tying up traffic for hours at times, and the international press purposefully misreporting the events to the "World" so that people can feel assuaged of their "guilt".....guilt they do not have, but that they are demanded to accept.

Pena Nieto (president) and his wife,
Hoochi-Coochi (actress)

actual name - Angelica Rivera
   So, that is the deal.  If Trump would just have smiled and shut up,  he would have had a total success. But he knows nothing of Iquala.....he knows nothing about which buttons to push in a Mexican situation so as to cultivate approbation without sacrificing Americanism.   (Truth helps)

     Trump thinks in Dancing with Naked Women and the Stars with One Leg terms.   Oddly, Pena-Nieto might even think the same with his soap-opera (telenovela) wife and her legal and corruption problems.    She was accused of taking an ultra-la-ti-da mansion in an exclusive Mexico City subdivision because  of some kind of a sweetheart deal from people who later gained a Central Government contract to build a rapid-rail connection with very limited stops between Mexico City and Guadalajara....and then later between Mexico City and Monterrey.....
Future first "lady" Melania?
     The deal continues.  So we shall see if someday soon we can go to those places on conveyances that are dependable and relatively comfortable.  If they were to have showers and sleeping facilities I might be willing to use the service.  We carried hundreds of clients on-tour during our days of operation of Excursions to Mexico.  The equipment was old, but pretty well maintained.
   My mission has always been to establish an Orient Express-type service for the Republic of Texas....a standard-speed train....with a world class restaurant car, and a world class saloon car....and a world class observation car....with five first-class special coaches and three Pullman cars and a baggage / express car carrying a complement of 400 passengers.  Breakfast and supper included for Pullman...special arrangements for business travelers....next connection....Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.
      But Pena-Nieto, the politicians, the press, the electorate....they play to the next crisis.  Trump is a daily crisis, like Pena-Nieto....

     For instance, he could have pictures of his wife that are almost as bad as the ones Pena-Nieto has to endure in the telenovelas.   How bad....not as bad as Laura Bush or Nancy Reagan or Pat Nixon....just 'girls just want to have fun pictures".....you know..... We have to be reasonable about these things.

   Bush, Reagan, Nixon, even Queen Elizabeth were seen cutting ribbons to hospitals and schools and such.   Can you imagine?  Horrid full-propaganda,  playing to charity pictures?  Or Ladies doing what ladies do?  Actually pushing millions of dollars and thousands of hours to useful eleemosynary activities that actually benefit others in lieu of the person doing the pushing? 
     Perhaps there is one thing for which we can be grateful.  There are no other such pictures of (Sir Edmund) Hillary that are available to the mainstream press.  We do recall the staged "dancing on the beach" scenes that were "surreptitiously stolen" by paparazzi about 300 years ago...with Billy Jeff and (Sir Edmund) Hillary dancing in swimming suits.   Things were halted suddenly when a whale rescue unit came up to see if they could help...but there was an embarrassed  withdrawal when they found out that everything was "normal".

     Perhaps all four of them...Pena-Nieto, his wife and Billy Jeff and (Sir Edmund) Hillary can just say...."It's all Trump's fault and the Rightwing Conspiracy.....and the Bimbo Eruption Complex of Special Area 51 Interests from Mars."

     We hope that some of this made a bit of sense for the OROG community.   We guess that this stuff plays well to the mass of television soap-opera addicted dumboes.  It is what is happening.   Please check out the issues of Oaxaca's, and Guerrero's, and Michoacan's educational problems.  The problems of the several candidates and their spouses is the problem of someone other than El Gringo Viejo.