Sunday, 11 September 2016

"I thought you should know"

      This is a pretty old story.  It is also a true story.  The final remarks made by Hillary Rodham Clinton demonstrate exactly what she means when she speaks of "fighting for women's and children's issues".
      We remember during the Obama - Romney election, when Romney was accused of displacing a worker and causing him to lose his insurance.   That led to the man's wife being thrown out of the hospital and left to die, which she did.  It was intimated that Romney conspired to do this, simply to save money for his own financial interest.   It was a classic, Queen-for-a-day story that, of course, turned out to be totally false.
     The Democrats also pointed out that when the Romneys went on some kind of a vacation, they put their dog, in a pet carrier, on top of the roof of their station wagon. This was revealed as though it were some kind of capital crime.   Of course, one can note how dogs slobberingly hang their faces out of the window of a vehicle and revel in the smells and sights as they travel.  I really suspect that the Romneys were not dedicated to the neglect or mistreatment of their vacationing dog.

     But, one can listen to Hillary's sneeringly contemptuous account of how she "beat the charges" for her "client" (....she was working as a public defender at the time, but that is another tawdry story of corruption) and realise exactly what kind of a slug this woman is.  When she speaks about  fighting for women, we must remember that this is the woman who carpet-bombed any and all women who suggested, charged, said anything, about Billy Jeff's interlopings and violent, unwanted episodes.
     She never can find documents that are being called for by investigative authority, but it took her only 36 hours to find Kathleen Willy's letter requesting to be converted from volunteer to paid White Staff, after Willy let it be known that Billy Jeff had essentially sexually assaulted her.   Documents in other cases....many other cases....were readily available when it suited her, and non-existent when she had something to hide.   She was even able to find falsified papers and documentation, such as in the framing of the White House Travel Office employees.

Hideous woman....hideous black cavern of poison where other people have souls. 
El Gringo Viejo